28 Darkness Inside

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POV Elsa

What is happening? Where am I ? Everything is so blurry.. Now I begin hear Jack.. Is he crying? Wait a minute, why would guardian of fun ever cry? Then I panicked.

Well, if the guardian of fun cried it would be either because of me or.. I touched my belly and there was nothing. “No, no..” I screamed, this can’t be happening! Then I heard someone else crying, a baby.

“Thank god!” I opened my eyes and saw our baby safely in his bed. I smiled. However something’s different? Why am I looking things from up. Jack must be holding me in the air? Right?

Then I saw myself, on the bed laying still. Jack was next to me crying. Am I dead? Of course.. at least the baby is safe. Our perfect baby boy.

Baby's crying gets louder and I realise that I cannot give him comfort. “Jack, please. Go to our child. He needs you, he is crying for his parents!” I try to shout to Jack but he couldn’t hear me. I watch outside at the moon and realize the sky is changing black.

“Oh no, Pitch must be coming!” I look at Jack.. “Please Jack, you mustn’t give up to your fear and sadness. Help yourself and the baby” I cried to him.

Then Jack reacted. He must have heard our baby now, I watch outside and the black sand has stopped moving.

Jack walked slowly towards our baby’s cradle. He looked worried and then he spoke. “Please believe in me, see me”. I cried when I heard those words that he spoke with broken voice. I promised Jack before that I would help our baby to believe in him and then I left him alone, them alone.

I floated closer to the cradle where Jack was looking at our son. Jack smiled a little and then he put his left hand over the cradle and the baby’s face. “Jack, don’t do it. Our powers could hurt him.” I was worried like always before. He didn’t hear me and slowly he created small snowflakes falling over our child’s face.

Face of the baby stopped being red and he calmed down and opened his eyes. They were brown, the same color of brown Jack had before he became a guardian, I had seen those eyes in Jack’s memory that Tooth showed me.

Jack looked surprised when he saw the baby’s eyes. “Oh, you got your eyes from my human self.” He laughed a bit and stopped when he saw that our son was looking directly at him.

“Oh Jack, he sees you!” I was so happy for him. I noticed that our baby reminded him a lot, he had the same hair color that Jack has.

“ Wait, you see me?” Jack looked confused when he stared at his son. He reached his hand and touched our sons face. He started laughing. “ You truly see me.” Jack made a small bunny from frost and it was jumping around in top of our child’s cradle. It was beautiful. He lifted our son to his arms.

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Jack ran to the bed where my dead body was laying. “Elsa, he sees me, our son sees me” still he was laughing but it stopped soon enough when I didn’t speak to him. Jack was looking sad and the bunny stopped jumping around our child. Slowly Jack placed our baby back to cradle and moved closer to bed. His eyes were looking at my numb body. The dark sand came closer again.

I was worried about our baby and went back to his cradle. There he was, looking the world with curious eyes. Then I saw a small ice bunny hopping above the cradle. I looked at Jack and he didn’t obviously do it and it wasn’t me. I looked at our son. He was doing it, our son had the same power! Wait, I hope that his power is like his father’s. It Is safer.

My thoughts were interrupted. Something was calling me from outside. I went to the window and looked at my family. The black sand was closer and I couldn’t do anything. “I will be back soon” I said and followed the voice outside. I floated in the air and avoided the black sand.

I stopped when I heard someone speaking. “ Elsa. We need to speak”

“Who is it?” I asked. “ Jack and other guardians call me Manny.”

“ So the man in the moon. I need to see if my family is ok, I can’t stay too long” I had a worried look on my face when I glanced to our bedroom window.

“ Of course.” Manny said. “It is time for you being the guardian.”

“Me? What would I be good for when my emotions have control for my power.” I was scared.

“You are the Guardian of Caring. Your feelings make you stronger but you need to use your positive emotions, like love. They are more easier to handle.” Manny had warmth in his words.

I smiled and was blushing. “ Oh right” I watched towards the castle. The black sand reached the window and a black figure of a man started appearing.

“Please Manny. Do it already, my family needs me” I was almost crying.

“ See Elsa, channel your love for others as the source of your power. I must tell you also that your son has the same powers”

“ Yes Manny, I saw it. He needs us, me and Jack as his protection and to love him” I was smiling but also terrified to see the figure behind Jack now.

“ Your son is a half guardian. His aging stops when he reaches 18 years and then he will look the same for eternity. Of course he can choose someday if he wants to be a true guardian or a mortal. The time will come. “

I started to worry and then Manny continued “Please, don’t worry Elsa. Everyone will see him when he is a half guardian and he will always believe in guardians no matter what”.

“I’m ready” I told Manny and then I felt warm inside and saw a bright blue light coming from the moon and aiming to my dead body. Then I felt something pulling me towards the castle. Everything went blurred.

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