Prologue (See Him, Feel Him)

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POV Belle

It’s really fascinating that Pitch once ruled a kingdom. The legendary one and which was one of the oldest kingdoms to ever exist. Now I’m here, looking at the kingdom which is enlightened by enormous moon. Yeah, their symbol is full moon and now I don’t even wonder why. It’s like moon is close to earth in this place. It’s so big and bright.

“So, Manny, you’ve been looking over this place for centuries?” I whispered as I walked over a bridge leading inside the gates. Everyone in the city was fast asleep. Everything was nice and quiet.

The castle was done from white stones that I recognized being moon stone. How in such pure place could be something evil? It’s like something so unthinkable.

When the morning comes I’m going to meet up with this prince Marco of Constellation of Orion. Straightforward approach is more like me than spying around.

“YAHOO! I’m so going to do it!” I cheered and then I realized that I just shouted at the middle of the night. In front of a castle.

“What are you going to do?” Someone laughed behind of me and I turn around. There’s a man smiling and looking at me.

“Nice to meet you again my lady,” the prince bows and looks into my eyes. My cheeks blushed and I cleared my throat.

“How long have you been there?” I questioned.

“Long enough to admire your beauty,” he winked his eye. “Nah, I was just taking my night walk while people aren’t watching and then I noticed someone familiar looking.. Weirdly sneaking around my castle.”

“I wonder who that weirdo is,” I sighed and looked around me.

“That weirdo is you,” Marco chuckled. His golden silver eyes are glancing at me and he offers me his hand.

I bit my lower lip as I watched his hand. He glances at his hand and then at me, it’s like he is figuring out something. “So you have some fear that you’ve not gone over,” Marco said and pulled out a pair of gloves from his pocket. Quickly he pulls them to cover his hand.

“What?” I gasped.

Marco sighed and offers his hand again. “Hey, now it’s okay. I was born like this,” he smiles and I let my hand touch his. Now nothing happened.

“What do you mean, born with it?” I asked quickly when he patted my hand.

“Everyone knows that I can show people their fears. Sometimes it’s useful though,” he shrugged his shoulders and laughed. I raised my eyebrow.

“Useful how?” I questioned.

“Well, I can see people’s fears too. It was used as a weapon in war once. It’s something that has been passed through generations to the first born sons of this kingdom. Why are you so curious?” He grinned and I pulled my hand away from his.

“Belle, please, let’s go inside to continue our chat. I would like to invite you as a guest,” he nodded towards the castle door.

The feeling that I got from him. It was like nothing of what I had felt before. No one has ever been so brave than he is, I can feel how strong his spirit is for being a human.

“Okay, do as you want,” he smiled and rubbed his neck as he left. I see how he is going inside the castle and I run. In just few seconds I caught up with him.

“I accept the offer,” I smiled and giggled a bit while I leaned against the door which he was about to open. I had squirmed my way between him and the door.

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