28 Frozen Fear

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POV Elsa

Jack says that we can stop the war, I hope that he is right. My hands are around his neck and he is holding me gently in his arms while we fly towards the soldiers of Ruben’s. We hear their yells full of threat and we see their torches in the distance. There’s so many of them.

“Elsa, it’s gonna be alright,” Jack whispers. He just noticed me being shivering from fear, fear for my dear Arendelle. “I know,” I smiled and then he chuckled. We flew faster.

“I’m gonna let you go now,” he said and I nodded my head. He dropped me down, the air flow is making my clothes flap in the intense wind. I get myself into standing position while I’m falling, then I waved my hand in the air and an icy slide rises from ground. My feet land on it and I create ice skates and then I skate down.

The soldiers are yelling from surprise, they have no idea of where the gigantic ice slide appeared or where the heavy wind came from. Jack is using his wind from up, pushing them back. Few soldiers fell down because of the strong ice cold wind.

I created snow piles as barricades. “Bring the flames!” Commander yells and I see how four soldiers carry a pot with flames inside. There’s many of pots and their carriers and they are placed in front of the snow piles. They’re melting them.

I pouted. “Don’t give up!” Jack yells from up. He is now waving his staff and with one strong push forward he manages to create so strong and focused wind that it feels like you hit the wall if you’re standing in front of it.

“FORWARD!” The commander yells and I see the men running now. “I don’t want to hurt them!” I cried as they run past me and trough me. Jack lands next to me. “We just might have to,” he said sadly and then he kneels down. His hand touches the ground and it starts to freeze. The soldiers are slipping and falling.

I run towards the fallen soldiers and when I reached them I did icy shackles on them. “Good job!” I heard Jack yelling.

“Thank you,” I smiled and turned around to stop the next wave of soldiers. Then I saw them, the creatures of pure evil. “JACK!” I cried when I saw those things getting closer to him. He turned around but was too late. I see how a spear made of black sand pierces his abdomen.

It’s Ruben. And he is riding a black stallion, stallion of nightmare sand. Jack pulls the spear out and lets out a painful scream. I run to him and I see that his body is getting black slowly, the black sand’s poison is spreading. “Hold on,” I sobbed and placed him to lay on the ground gently. He was weak already.

I notice how more of nightmare horses arrive and they’re now riding around us in circle. “So you’re the one who made my father go crazy?” Ruben shouts and points at me with the spear. Jack pulls me back, he managed to gather his strength to go in front of me but he fells to ground again soon.

“Pathetic,” Ruben looks at Jack in disgust. “Guardians? More like clowns to me. It’s maybe for better that I take Arendelle to mine or.. just simply.. burn it to ashes,” Ruben laughed and my eyes widened. “You cannot do that!” I shouted and shot ice at him.

“Who’s a bad girl?” Ruben grinned deviously and snapped his fingers. One of the nightmare horses galloped towards me and then raised to it’s back feet. It was splitting the air with it’s front hooves that now were aiming at me. Then I felt the air left my lungs as it’s hooves beat my chest. I fell next to Jack.

Jack is looking at me sadly. “Els,” he whispers and crawls closer. His chest is already black as the nightmare sand itself and he still manages to get his body on top of me. Jack embraces me and presses my head against his chest. I feel his body flinching as the hooves are hitting him.

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