3 Arendelle

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POV Jack

“Oh no, oh no, OH NOOO!” I shouted while trying to use the brakes. Well the problem is that there are no brakes! Somehow I managed to slow my speed down by sliding from rooftop to rooftop and jumping in between them.

“Well I guess that is what you get from being lazy..high speed isn’t good with short travels” I muttered and waved some extra snow out of my shoulders. Lately I’ve released some of my magic without me knowing it while I'm stressed.

Suddenly doors start to open from houses. “Oh yeah.” I said “ It is kind of early in the morning still.. the summer mornings fool you sometime because it is so bright”.

I bended down and watched the townsfolk talking to each other. I couldn’t help myself when I grinned at what they were talking about.

“ What was that, did you hear something making a noise on the roof?” man asked from another

“ Of course I did, it woke up the kids.. Maybe it is best to let them outside and play?” another man answered. “That’s a good idea” they agreed.

Smiling was all that I could do while I was watching thee children having fun outside when I was sitting on the edge of the roof. Then I heard loud laughter from nearby courtyard.

It sounded like some girls were having a blast. “I have to check that source of fun!” My laughter was somehow curious and I flew easily to that nearby place.

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