39 Like Father Like Son

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POV Jack

Today is our son’s second birthday. Much has happened since he arrived to this world. We haven’t had much trouble with Pitch after the time he got me under his control. Elsa is always there for me and cheers me up when I feel down. Yeah, it is still a bit difficult for me to handle the thought that I caused more sorrow than joy.

Elsa is giving Jackson a bath while I sit in front of window. Jackie is now walking and even runs, he even talks but it sounds a bit funny. Sometimes his speech doesn’t make sense at all which probably is the reason why I find it funny. “NO JACKIE!” I heard Elsa’s scream from bathroom and immediately run at the door.

Then I fell on the ground and held my stomach while laughing my lungs out. There Elsa was kneeling beside a children’s bathtub. Her hands were still under water which isn’t abnormal when you wash your child and try to grab soap which has sank on tubs bottom. I tried to hide my laugh by placing hand in front my mouth. “Jack! Stop laughing and help me!”

I winked my eye to Jackie who was laughing and repeating  ”Daddy, daddy..watch!” with huge amount of excitement.  Yes, he had just frozen the bath water and his mommy was now a bit stuck. Then I went to them and messed my son’s hair by giving him a good head rub. “Hey buddy, don’t tease mummy!” I laughed and Elsa gave me an annoyed glance when she blew some hair strands away from her face.

Jackie’s expression was disappointed and I chuckled. “Jackie..you remember that daddy will take you to uncle North today? Mommy needs you to be neat and clean.” I smiled to him but then I saw Elsa’s angry glance. “ME and mommy need you to be clean and neat. “  I quickly added and winked my eye to Elsa who gave a small laugh.

“North Pole!” Jackie clapped his hands together and giggled. Then the ice started to melt. He controls ice and snow too, this time he did it on purpose. You can see it from his expression, this time he made it to have some fun. However his emotions might sometimes make him loose control and then his powers just blast out. So he reminds me of Elsa but also in some parts of me.

Elsa lifted Jackie up and tried him up with towel. She gave him to my arms and then her hands were approaching Jackie’s and my hair. She messed our hair up and laughed. “Aren’t I lucky to have two troublemakers at home.” She kissed our cheeks and told me to dress Jackie up and I nodded.

On the bed was a blue children’s suit. She always picked up Jackie’s clothes since she wants him to dress properly. She thinks that I would dress him too casual.

“Jack! Don’t you dare to fly with him to North Pole!” Elsa yelled after me when I was going outside from bedroom door while holding Jackie’s hand. He wanted to walk by himself since he knows how to do it. “Don’t worry, we will use a snowglobe.” I laughed and gave her a grin. She tried to throw me with a snowball but missed me like most of the time.

“Daddy! I want to go!” Jackie seemed to be a bit anxious and I shrug my shoulders to Elsa.  She was laughing by herself when I turned around and then we left the room. “Don’t be away for too late! We have the birthday dinner today!” She yelled after me and made me laugh. ”Yes, we will remember.” I yelled.

After we were outside the castle I picked Jackie up and held him in the air. “Isn’t mummy funny when she worries?” I smirked to Jackie who nodded. “Hold on tight Jackie.” I smiled and Jackie wrapped his arms around my neck.

Who would use a snowglobe when you could fly? I glanced over my shoulders to see that no one was watching, mostly that Elsa wasn’t around to see. “Wind, wind!” Jackie was screaming with excitement and kicking me to my stomach at the same time. I felt the wind gathering up. “Haha! Calm down kiddo, let daddy do the flying. You just hold on to me.” The wind calmed down so Jackie agreed for me to do the flying. Jackie knows how to speak with the wind too.

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