18 Secret is out

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POV Jack

Elsa is so sweet when she clinches onto me so tight. I kiss her cheek and she is still sleeping. Traveling took longer but I wouldn’t want to risk my family now and I won’t get tired up so easily.

I go inside through her window and place her onto bed and try to go through door to corridor wanting to get her something to eat. There is everyone close to Elsa waiting. There is Anna, Kristoff and Olaf.

“ Congratulatioooons!” Anna rushed to my neck hugging me..  I was blushing.

Kristoff and Olaf didn’t seem to know. “ What we are celebrating and why were we waiting you back?” Kristoff asked closing his eyes little bit into a stare.

“ I, I… uhmm..” Then I saw Elsa waking up and coming beside me.. I grab my neck with my right hand and am nervous as hell. Elsa took my hand onto hers. I felt it was her ring hand.. blush became spreading again.

“ Hi all” Elsa smiled to everyone.

“Everything ok?” asked Olaf.

“ Better than fine” I tried to look away from everyone but then I got little bit confidence from Elsa standing next to me.

“We, we..are..” I started to explain..” They will have a baby!” Anna screamed excited.

Elsa and I were blushing and close to each other. I grabbed her closer pulling her waist towards me.

“Oh, pregnant. So the engagement is old news or?” Kristoff was smiling teasingly.. I don’t know who of us had wider eye reactment, me or Anna.

“Way to go handsome” Kristoff shook my hand. Olaf was still trying to find his carrot nose from the floor, it fell when he was surprised.

“Ok, I’m expecting the wedding is before the baby?” Anna looked at me.. “ Oh, yes of course” I smiled.

“ Thank god Elsa, I thought we lost hope on you. Now we can someday get engaged and married, Kristoff and I, because the eldest usually has to do it first” Anna laughed.

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