38 The Power of Feelings

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Dedicated to ErinaceouslyHideous who let me use her fan art in this chapter.

POV Jack

When I was filled in with the details of my actions I was shocked. Also it felt horrible that I was under Pitch's control for a long time.  How could I have done such things? Even though the black ice started to melt right away when I was myself again I was afraid that I have done permanent damage to people. What if someone got hurt? Actually I hurt my Guardian friends so you may assume that I did do it to others also.

There rains snow outside while I sat on window bench and see how the snowflakes float in the air. Sometime the wind makes the snow fall to a blizzard and then it calms down. Just the way I feel inside of me. My fingers draw images to window screens, first Kangaroo who I put unconscious while he tried to help me. Then Tooth who I gave sorrow while she saw my childhood memories, my teeth turn black. After every image I started over by frosting the glass again.

Finally I drew Elsa and stayed watching that image from under my hoodie’s hood. She wasn’t alright when I was away and I saw that when she fainted after she got me back. She rescued me again with her love. Now here I am disappointing her with my unease feelings after the incident. She just wanted me back, the fun and careless me but now I don’t actually feel that way.

I sighed since I felt terrible. Pitch used me and before that he used my Elsa to get to me. How was I so stupid? Then a hand was placed on my shoulder and I saw thin fingers gently rubbing my shoulder. The most beautiful fingers you could ever see.

Slowly I stood up and didn’t want to face her, it was Elsa. Her body came and pressed against my back, her arms went under mine and wrapped tightly around my waist. Her head was resting to my back and I felt the warm breath she every once in a while took. We were silent.

Somehow this position was giving away my cover. My body was feeling the sudden waves of sadness since I felt helpless. She didn’t let me go and just embraced me while I shivered from my silent cry which I was feeling inside of me. “Jack, please.. Just let it go..” She whispered to me and I realized that she knew me better than anyone.

Her hand took a hold of my hand while she moved to stand in front of me. Her smile was sweet and caring when she lifted the hood from my head so she could see my face. “Oh Jack..I’m here for you, just speak to me.” Her left hand gently petting my cheek and my eyes start to water. “You’re doing ok, Jack.. Just let it go.”

My wall was broken, the wall that had held my emotions behind of it for couple of days. I pulled Elsa close to me and embraced her, her hands rested against my back and slowly comforted me. She was holding my body which was aching from suppressed emotions of sorrow and misery. My tears started to fall down and I was crying silently. She didn’t speak but she was there for me.

 “I’m so sorry about everything.” My hands were going through her soft hair. “Jack, it wasn’t your fault. No one is blaming you. We are just happy that you are back. ” She was glancing at me and then kissed me.

“Mmmh..” was the sound that I managed to make when our lips softly touched to each other. It felt like a first kiss when you explore your partner’s emotions by approaching her lips with yours. The way lips move slowly against each other as if you’re shy. Closing your eyes and feeling the sounds your partner makes in pleased way, your kisses are feeling wetter and making sounds. Kisses that come in series of big ones where you almost feel like you’re trying to have her to yourself by kissing her and then the little ones that almost feel like teasing.

She made me smile, she made me feel the butterflies again. This is how you could describe the warmth of winter, our feelings for each other. Her soft fingers wiped away the track of my tears. I can’t get enough of her, my feelings for her are like a drug. A good kind of drug, that you won’t let go. We were now hugging each other and I made a faint laugh that was more like a chuckle.

“Now I can feel you, Jack. This is more like you.” She had so much warmth in her words that she could thaw anyone’s heart but she has done it for me. Joy was filling me and I started to laugh and buried my face in her platinum hair. “Jack, are you trying to mess my hair!” She laughed.

“Thank you Elsa..” I whispered while combing her hair with my fingers and I smiled. “I really needed this..I actually feel much better now since.. I let it go!” My smirk made her laugh since she sensed the irony in my words. She sings her song of “Let it go” often, I always stay and listen to it. Stop what I am doing since it sounds beautiful and also reminds me how similar we are in some ways. Even though we are different, we are the same and so on.

My laughter sounded deeper than usual when I had an absolutely terrific idea. Having fun with her sounded catchy in my ear. We haven’t had time for fun in a long time since we confronted some issues and me being a bit blue in my mind.

POV Elsa

Finally Jack was laughing which he hasn’t done since I woke up after my fainting shortly after when I got him back.  However I’m starting to feel that he is up to something since he lifted his right eyebrow to form a devious grin. “Let’s have some fun.” He whispered to my ear in his deep voice that made me feel chills on my spine and before he departed his lips gave me a kiss to my cheek. My cheeks felt hot and must have been red since he seemed to be happy for my reaction to his sudden sign of affection.

 He was still smirking when he turned away from me a little so I couldn’t see what he was doing. I heard a little sound of wind coming from him. Then I realized what he was doing. He was using his powers to blow a snowball at his hand, it sounded like the wind itself when he slowly let air come out from his mouth. The sound was soft. His lips were opened narrowly and there was blue glow around the whirling snow that was step by step reminding more of a snowball.

He was chuckling when he told me to prepare myself. Then the snowball hit me on my back when I turned around to escape from the attack. He is the master of snow fights since he has had over 300 years to practice. I have a long way to go when it comes to defeating him and he hits me every time.

I laughed when I tried to avoid his hits. He drew a line on the ground with the end of his staff and made a supply of snow appear. My only way to survive from this was to give this smirking fool a lesson. I threw a snowball at him which missed him by inches. “You missed me!” He yelled excited but then I pointed up and he raised his head to look up. He didn’t notice when I made a huge amount of snow floating above him.

“No, Elsa..No!” He begged when I let the snow drop. I grinned with satisfaction when I saw him laying inside of the snow. Only his head, arms and legs were showing. His staff was also sticking from snow a few inches apart from him. His middle body was deeply buried in snow. The sight made me laugh. “Haha, really funny. Mind helping me up?”

At first he had annoyed look but then when I was more serious and lend him my hand he showed me a quick and cunning smirk. “Got you!” He stated with happiness in his voice while he pulled me on top of him. His other hand was holding me still while the other was messing my hair. He was chuckling.

“Jack, no! Not my hair!” I exhaled and he was grinning me back with smile. He pressed my head closer to his and his breathing was fast after all the laughing and playing around. “I really love you Elsa, you do know that?” He whispered to me and I nodded.

Even his eyes were smiling at me when we carefully watched each other. I wanted to remember every inch and expression he has on his face even when I close my eyes. Our lips touched and we were kissing. After that he was laughing.

“What is so funny Jack?” I stated. “It is just that.. Would you mind helping me out here? Thaw some snow, you know.” He was grinning and rubbed my head which made my hair a total mess now. “Sure, mister.” I show him my tongue.

Then I smirked. ”But thawing means loving and since you behave like this.. messing my hair and everything.“  I was lifting myself up when he pulled me back. “Hey, sorry.” He chuckled and kissed me passionately. The snow melted away from around us and we were now embracing each other on the floor.


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The picture shows you when Elsa held her hand on Jack's cheek. When she was comforting him. Picture was perfect for this chapter. Thank you again, ErinaceouslyHideous.

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