15 Family Planning

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POV Jack

Everything seems similar as he flew across mountains towards Arendelle and his Elsa. It was early morning and he went to Elsas room. She wasn’t there so he went to kitchen.

“Whoa my darling, you’ll suffocate if you eat all those waffles!” Jack smiled and look to the pile of waffles in front of her.

Elsa show her tongue to him. “ Well, I guess you can have some”.. I was going to take 5 of them put Elsa slam back of my hand. “ Here you go” She gave me two waffles from her.

“I notice that you’re not sick anymore. Good that you have your appetite back.. with little extra” I laughed and she blushed.

POV Elsa

Could he know? Nah, maybe not. He was just worried because I didn’t eat breakfast for long time.

“ Jack” I said seriously. “ We need to talk”. I looked at my sister. “Private” Jack seemed little scared not knowing what  I would say.

“Let’s go to garden Jack”. He was trying to grab me onto his arms and fly.. “NO Jack, let’s walk”.

He followed me to garden. I knew he was up to something because he usually is when he doesn’t get enough attention.  He started laughing and threw a snowball at me.I exploded it in the air and he seemed confused. “Jack”, I said strictly, “come sit with me” I tapped the bench. “Let’s talk seriously”

He looked little frightened but sat next to me and but his right hand over my shoulder. He was whistling nervously and tapping his feet. This is the way he acts when he feels he has done something wrong.

“Jack”, I looked at him and turned his face towards mine. Well, here it goes and I sigh taking a pause.

“Jack”.. “Yes” he said. “ Do you like children?” that maybe isn’t the right way to ask for proper answer.. “ I mean would you like to have kids, your own I mean?”

POV Jack

I looked at her stunned and I stop whistling. Ok, this is the first time we ever spoke about this so I have to think the answer. I froze to look at her, her eyes were watering.

Ok, ok .. She is a girl, how am I going to answer? Think you stupid! Think!

I mean.. I’m immortal and I love kids that is what I do for living – make the kids have fun. I have thought this through on my head during my first hundred years of immortal. No one saw me, no girlfriend, wife or children. Even so I don’t think that a guardian or immortal could.. could… well you know make a girl have a baby.

What will I say to her. I don’t want to break her heart, now I get it! I tell her it isn’t so important so, so she wont be concerned for my wishes.. I mean we could try, right?

“ Jack?” Her voice broke down while she said my name.. I stopped my staring into nothingness.

“ Elsa” I started warmingly and took her hands into mine. “ Well, I like kids like you know.. “ she was smiling, yes I’m doing fine I thought.. “but I don’t necessarily need my own.” I look at her and touched her face.

Wait.. something just went wrong, right? I watched her face staring to nothing and I felt tears on my hand and they were freezing. “Elsa, Elsa.. “ I tried to get to know why she is upset.

Then I felt the cold air gathering around us..”Elsa, darling.. ELSA.. snap out of it!” Then I felt the cold burst spreading from her and I flew in the air hitting the castle wall. I saw her running towards the mountain before I had a blackout.. Oh, what did I now just do.

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