7 Mystery Boy

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POV Elsa

Oh god, oh god. Who is behind me, first he didn’t answer me and then he asked something really stupid. Maybe he was trying to confuse me! Somehow his voice sounded familiar, like I've heard it somewhere in the past.

My thoughts were interrupted when he came really close to me, I mean REALLY close. He might hurt me or even worse I could hurt him like I hurt Anna six years ago.

I saw a hand appearing in front of me, it was his left hand. Is he going to suffocate me?!? No, he is doing something else. His fingers started to move in the air and I couldn’t see him but I think he was happy.

I saw snow raining in front of me. Oh no, my powers are out of control again! I pushed the chair as fast as I could away from the table. Unfortunately too fast and I fell and between us, me and him, was only a wooden chair. His left hand was over me and it was too heavy to lift.

Fortunately snowing had stopped.

“Hey you” I snapped at him. No answer.

“ What are you doing, let me go” No answer still. Maybe he hit his head?

“Wake up, wake up you ignorant fool” I try to elbow him with my right arm.

From the gap that is between the place you sit and put your back in chair there was something hard pointing at my lower back.

I stopped moving and blushed. Then I got panicked and cried for this unknown person.

“Hey, please, you.. Get your hard thing away from me” I made the chair and me move from side to side and elbowed him again.


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