21 My Guardian Family

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POV Jackson

Fern has been passed out for couple of hours right now. She couldn’t handle the cold like I could. I go to my desk and try to get some work done but I feel so concerned about her well-being but Emma told me that she would be alright.

Suddenly I hear some muffled sounds and I turn around, Fern is starting to sit and she is rubbing her forehead. “W-what happened?” She whispered and my heart ached. ”Fern,” I tried to say in calm way and then she saw me. “Jackson?” She narrowed her eyes and then it seemed like she remembered. “Oh,” she whispered and touched her lips.

“How are you?” I said and sat next to her, for some reason she turned bright red. “I.. I am alright even though my lips are feeling bit sour,” she whispered. “Hehe.. they got a little frozen,” I laughed nervously and she brushed her hair with her fingers. “I am sorry Jackson,” she sighed and now she was crumbling my bedsheets in her hands.

“Hey… don’t feel bad about it,” I whispered and she smiled sadly before she jumped to hug me. “Who guessed,” she said quietly. “What?” I said while I patted her back. “You don’t feel that cold,” she said and hugged me tightly. “Really?” I said and she nodded.

”Could we still be friends?” She whispered. “I mean that in childhood you were always there to cheer me up and now.. I think that I should be there for you?” Her green eyes were looking at me and I couldn’t respond. “Jackson?” She whispered again and I nodded.

“So.. should we go out tonight?” She chirped happily and my heart skipped a beat. “Uh..” I gulped and she blushed. “Not for a date but like friends go to hang out,” she said I high voice. “Sure,” I said while smiling.

POV Fern

Few hours later I heard someone knocking at my window. I opened it up and Jackson flew inside. He had a brown cloak over him. “Hey,” he smiled and caused me to blush. “Why didn’t you use the door?” I asked from him and I looked down from my window.

“Because I love to fly?” He laughed and I rolled my eyes. “Let me show you,” he said and lifted me to his arms, “No! It is way too dangerous!” I gasped but he pressed me closer to him. “I will hold on to you,” he said to my ear. For my horror we jumped outside from the window and I screamed to his ear.

“Ouch, you’re loud,” he gulped and gritted his teeth. “S-sorry,”  I said and wrapped my arms around him tightly and he started to gasp some air.  “Umm.. sorry again,” I laughed nervously when I let go of him. “I am clumsy and can’t do stuff right,” I whispered.

He chuckled, “You’re not that hopeless, you know?” He gave me a sly smirk. “You know that I travel fast? You should really keep your hands around me. Just avoid strangling me, would you?” He laughed and I placed my arms around him more gently this time.

“Where are we going?” I asked from him and he looks at me with his brown eyes. “Well.. I will show you my family,” he laughed. I couldn’t even see the ground in the high speed that we flew. However I could feel the change in atmosphere, when the air got colder. “Where are we?” I said while shivering.

“North Pole,” Jackson chuckled and landed to ground. “I don’t have my winter clothes,” I whined and he winked his eye. “Sorry but you will be inside North’s shop soon. There it is warm,” he pointed towards a house where he started taking me. “North?” I whispered and he nodded. “Yup, this is uncle North’s place. Just wait here and I will get mom and dad. They live in the nearby but in an ice castle. That place is too cold for you, please.. wait,” he said while already running back.

I closed the door behind of me. The place was actually warm and now I know why it is called as a shop. There were some hairy looking things doing toys and elves running on the floors. “Who might you be dear?” I heard someone saying with strong accent. Quickly I turned around and while doing it I knocked some toycars down from the table.

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