23 Needing a Queen

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POV Fern

I was reading a book on my bed when mom told me to come downstairs. At the door was standing a short and chubby man, judging from the looks of him, he was from the castle.

“ The King asked you to help him to pick up a possible queen candidate from these options. He said that you, his friend, know him better than anyone.” The man looked really formal and showed me a punch of options.

I looked through photos and the little information sheets from princesses. I chose a red haired princess from nearby kingdom, she seemed to be sweet also. “This looks to be ok but wasn’t we supposed to hear the news from engagement in two days?” I looked at the man. Jackson was in a tight schedule now and I feel sorry for him.

“Well, yes miss but King decided to date his possible wife to be before that and will announce later who he will choose. He has stretched the due date.” The man gave a short bow and left our flower shop.

Week after I saw Jackson traveling in a horse pulled carriage with the girl that I chose to him. He was laughing and I felt a little jealous that he might have someone else as close to him.

I made myself busy with the flower shop. Now I had time to see my other friends like Joyce. She was always a bit curious and loved gossips but I guess she was fun to hang around with.

“Fern, please! I’ve waited sooo long and now I really ask you! What is the king like? You’re his friend aren’t you?. “ Joyce’s brown eyes where shining from excitement. “Well, I guess he is ok,” I sighed and Joyce pouted while she ran her fingers through her brown hair.

“He sure is handsome looking. Why won’t you take a move at him finally? I mean that is the reason why you’re so obsessed about him? Your childhood crush,” Joyce asked from mea and I blushed.

”Well I’ve never considered him of nothing else but a friend. “ I left her standing where she was. She yelled at my direction that I would know if he liked me by kissing him. I stopped. “If he stops right away he doesn’t like you that way but if he continues he likes you. Don’t let him go too far and if he tries he is a good for nothing kind of men.” My mouth was wide when she was telling me this.

 “Well Fern, what did you expect. “ Her smile was teasing me. “He is a boy after all even though he is the king and the Guardian of Believe. You need to realize that by now. Boy’s have trouble telling what they want.” My heart was beating wildly after my meeting with Joyce. She was sometimes much more better reading me than I myself am.

Next night I couldn’t get sleep because thoughts were running wild in my mind. I opened the window and let the autumn wind come to cool me down. I saw a figure sneaking around the streets. It went inside Jackson’s glass shop after looking that no one followed.

I was still in my nightgown when I run down and outside the street. I peeked through the glass shop’s window and saw a small light in the tiny backroom. I sneaked in and saw it was Jackson. Gladly I noticed that he didn’t see me and went closer. He was doing a nice ice sculpture and sat in front of his old desk.

His eyes looked warm when he carefully checked his work and then he left. I was hiding under the counter. I wanted to know what he had done.

The backroom had simple things, one stool and desk. Behind it was a bed. I took two boxes from a shelf over the bed.

“Wow these are amazing. “ I was looking at small ice sculptures from some villagers. They looked flawless and I figured out those were his customers. “He must have done one from me.” I didn’t find myself in that box so I opened the other box.

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