11 Piercing Emotions

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POV Elsa

When I woke up I saw Jackie next to me. “Mum!” He exhaled, “Are you alright?” He was looking at me with worry showing off him. I tried to sit but I felt sharp pain in my abdomen. “No, mum! Take it easy!”Jackie held my shoulders and I took his hand off from me. “No need to worry,” I smiled to him and I touched the blade that was sticking out of me. It turned into golden dream sand and flew away. “Oh.. Yeah, you’re a guardian,” Jackie sighed.

I hugged my son, ”Thank you for searching us.” Even though the situation was what it was I felt joy when he responded to my hug. Suddenly I noticed that Emma wasn’t in the room with us. “Where is Emma?” I gasped.

Jackie shook his head and seemed sad. “Pitch is controlling her, the prophecy might come true and she will choose darkness,” his voice was breaking apart. “No,” I whispered and my heart was being crushed. “We will get her and then get the fudge out from here!”

“Jackie!” I was stunned for his choice of language. He smiled, “Sorry mum. I guess I am not the little boy you knew anymore.” He stood up and now I saw him, standing tall and certain. He knew his goal. His brown eyes were almost showing fire when he walked to the door.

I stood up also, holding my still healing wound. “Stand back, I will handle it,” Jackie whispered. Then I saw how he aimed a cool breeze combined with ice spikes towards the door. It was so powerful that the spikes get stuck on the wall and the door. He kicked the door. He hit it with his fist. Not a scratch.

Jackie sighed, and closed his eyes. I had to hold onto my hair because he was gathering the air around him, concentrating the power of wind to him. He pointed at the door with his front finger and smirked, furrowing his eyebrows. The blast hit the door from its place. “Time to go,” he turned around and smiled to me. Then I saw a dark figure at the door.

“No! Watch out!” I yelled to Jackie who’s expression was surprised, his eyes wide. He glanced towards the door and then I saw how Pitch was laughing. “Going somewhere son?” Pitch grinned and molded some sand between his hands. He created a spear.

“You bastard!” Jackie hissed and threw Pitch with strike of ice crystals powered up by ice wind. He was too late. Pitch used the spear to drop my son down. Pitch stepped onto Jackie’s chest and pointed the tip of the spear to Jackie’s chest.

“Let him go!” I screamed and tried to make him fall by using throwing a snowball. I missed. My aim is terrible. ”Well, well.. A worrying mother,” Pitch said sarcastically. He nodded towards me while kicking Jackie to his face, my son grunted. “Trap her,” Pitch said to a dark sand figure. It reminded me of Sandy, “Nice isn’t it? I did it by myself because I enjoy seeing Sandman like this,” Pitch grinned.

Then Pitch watched Jackie again, the black Sandy tied me down. “I beg of you, do whatever you want to me. Just let my child be!” I pleaded from Pitch when Jackie was gasping for air, Pitch was pressing Jackie’s neck by stepping over it. “Should I? Nah!” Pitch laughed and he pointed the spear back to Jackie.

“The heart?” Pitch said happily when he pressed the spear’s tip to the place where Jackie’s heart was. Jackie moaned when the tip pierced his skin. “Oh shut up already!” Pitch rolled his eyes and opened Jackie’s mouth, he stuffed it full of nightmare sand. Jackie was coughing but Pitch sealed the mouth with a piece of clothing that he ripped from his sleeve.

I saw tear running on Jackie’s cheek. “No, stop it!” I yelled as I saw my son suffering. Pitch chuckled and grinned to me in evil way. “You know that I enjoy this very much? Do you?” He slided the spears tip across my son’s chest, cutting it but not deep. My breath was becoming shallow.

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