1 Little Helpers

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POV Jack

The time of the year again. Easter. The worst curse word ever. Bunnymund always reminds me of the thing that happened ages ago. About me freezing places up and interrupting his work on one precise Easter. Geez he has long term hate issues. I am munching my cereal at breakfast table. I WILL NOT go out today. I feel grumpy.

”Hello my frost heart,” I hear a whisper and then feel a kiss on my cheek. My spoon drops back to the bowl from my hand and it splashes some milk and cereal to my hoodie. I am not feeling annoyed though, instead I lean my head backwards and gently pull Elsa to kiss me. Her lips are soft as ever. I smile to her warmly after she backs up. Her blue eyes are shining crystal blue. “Mm..” She smiles to me back, ”you taste like my favorite, chocolate cereal.” Her words make me laugh and now I managed to spill whole bowl in my lap when I shook wildly while laughing.

I wiped my eyes, “I guess we need to do laundry today?” She winked her eye to me, “ A really good reason to stay in bed long today since you’re cloth options are limited.” She made me blush just now, ”Oh.” She pinched my cheek, ”Or I could do you ice clothes.” Wait a minute. She is trying to trick me.

”You don’t say?” I smirk to her and furrow my eyebrows. “Just some nice clothes? Please Jack?” I shook my head and smile, ”Nope.” She tries to make sad looking face but I quickly kiss her lips and she wraps her hands around my neck.

“EWWWW! MUM! DAD!” Our lips got separated when we turned our heads to the voices direction. Jackie was on the doorway and covering his eyes. ”Can’t I just have a NORMAL breakfast moment, like EVER?” He whined and Elsa backed away chuckling and I winked my eye at her. Emma came to kitchen. ”I think it is cute!” She said and jumped to sit on the chair and filled her bowl with cereal.

At least our nine year old daughter doesn’t get bothered when she sees Elsa and me kissing. Well of course we don’t mean it to happen in front of them but they are allowed to move freely inside the ice castle so that might happen. Sometimes. I think?

”So guess what I found out from books!” Emma yells excited and Jackie tells her to shut up. Emma doesn’t care, “The man in black has been around longer than you dad!” She is talking about Pitch again. All these years and she still does research from him. I glance at Elsa and we both look worried. We remember how the trolls warned us that she might feel drawn to darkside.

Jackie sighs and takes some cereal too. Our family doesn’t eat pancakes for breakfast or anything else that needs to be cooked. Elsa is, well.. Good in making ice and snow but in the kitchen she is like a nuclear bomb. “Jackie! Don’t eat so fast!” Elsa tells to our 13 year old son.

”I am in a hurry! I promised to help uncle Bunny to deliver Easter eggs!” He pours the milk that was left on the bowls bottom to his mouth. Elsa makes a frustrated sound since she would like him to behave more like a royal. Well, he at least dresses better than I do. He wears neat looking clothes like straight pants and blue dress shirts without tie. Me on the other hand, I like my hoodie and short length pants.

Jackie runs outside and I see how Bunnymund is standing behind of our door that leads to kitchen from outside. He seems anxious when he taps his feet to ground. Soon they disappear to Bunny’s hole. Jackie does some work for the other guardians from time to time. However Tooth and Sandy not that much since they work at night.  Me and Elsa he helps since he controls ice and snow too. Easter and Christmas means that he is most likely working.

“Hey! I will leave to North’s place,” Emma waved her hand before leaving outside. She had been going there often. She is really determined that she will learn to cook and North teaches her. I sure hope that she learns! Would be nice to eat something else besides cereal everyday or go to North’s place to eat.

“House is ours,” Elsa left the kitchen and I watched after her feeling a bit confused. “Oh!” I yelled and run after her. A snow fight inside! I love it! I love her! I wipe my face to get the leftovers of a snow ball off my face. We can’t do it when kids are at home. We could be a bad example.

Pov Jackie

”So Bunny! Where to first?” I saw how his ears were moving rapidly as he was thinking. “To New York!” He said and hit the ground with his paw. We fell to a hole and slided directly to New York. He gave me my own basket and I started to hide the eggs.

In here it was still night. Some adults saw me doing the thing I did and they whispered things to each other’s while believing that I couldn’t hear them. However I did. I am weird and many other things. Well but how could you blame them since they could see me but they couldn’t see Bunnymund who was hopping nearby. Children could see him if they believe but when it comes to me, well everyone sees me. Still Manny hasn’t accepted my pleading to be full Guardian. I am still half Guardian like my sister. We will either be Guardians or not in the future, we may choose when the time is right.

I miss my friends back at Arendelle. I see them sometimes but not that often since our mum home schools us at the ice castle in North Pole. I like the life in Pole but still I miss other people and parents don’t understand how I feel about it.

“The last one!” I try to yell to Bunny with cheerful voice when I hide the yellow colored egg to a bush. We change location next and we have new baskets to empty. This happens in places that have night in them at the moment, we just travel around the world like this. Following the dark areas.

POV Emma

North gave me a hug when I came to his workshop. ”Now you will learn to cook good beef!” My eyes widen, “UNCLE NORTH!” He laughs and holds his tummy. ”Teasing you little Emma,” He crosses his arms. He knows that I am a vegetarian, I can’t eat animals. “Eggplant casserole,” he smiles and we move to kitchen.

He is excellent with knives but what else would he be since he uses swords as weapons. We have fun while we cook. “Can I take this to home?” I smiled to him and he patted my head with his huge hand. “Sure you can sweetie!”

Then I remembered what I also wanted to do. “Can I use your library again?” He nodded and I ran upstairs and directly to his bookcases. I had hidden few books among others that I had taken from North’s private library in secret. Other people might consider it stealing but I am just borrowing. Now these books are with his everyday books, however well hidden. Quickly I glance that there are no elves or yetis around and then I go through the books.

“So Pitch, let’s see what new I can learn from you!” I glance at the pages and see how he is 500 years old. He is so funny looking with his black dress, I giggle to myself when I see a drawing of him. “Interesting!” I gasp when I see a piece of information on the pages end. “We will meet again Pitch and I will make friends with you,” I smirk when I slam the book so that it is closed. Then I hide the books again, I can’t spend too much time in here or someone would come and check out what I am doing. It needs to be a secret.

“Thank you uncle North!” I smile happily to him when I go and get the casserole. When I close the door after me a devious grin lurks to my face. I will find the man in black.  The ice castle shimmers in the sunshine as I walk back to home.

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