4 Courtyard

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POV Jack

I saw two girls around 8 to 10 years old playing outside. I hovered in the sky watching them playing.. then I realized that they played in a pile of snow.

“Whoa, whoa… WHAT?” I was amazed. Snow in hot winter day in a valley like this and an ocean nearby. It was impossible! This is bad! If other guardians found out about this they will blame me. Oh no. Calm down, don’t panic Jack.

I started smiling again when they throw snowballs at each other and then I watched them play more. “I need to get closer!” I flew behind a statue and just about avoided a snowball hitting me. That was close.

I leaned to that statue and watched them doing more snowballs and having a massive snowball fight. I too started doing a snow ball by blowing my hand but then the almost finished snow ball drop from my hand. She is the one doing this I gasped. Reddish brown haired girl is laughing while the platinum blond girl made a small cloud which let snow fall down.

Reddish brown haired girl called her Elsa. Then Elsa threw a snowball at Anna (that is what Elsa called her when she threw the ball). I watched them with amazement.

Her powers will grow until she is 18 years old. She can cure a frozen heart.

I looked at the sky. “ Ok man in the moon (Manny). Making perfect sense.. again” I murmured back and was watching the girls again.

Elsa formed a snowball out of thin air and threw it at Anna and it hit her. The platinum blonde girl giggled and  I fell on the ground laughing my guts out. Then I shouted “You truly are amazing with your powers”.

The girls froze and my laughter stopped. “Who’s there?” They started yelling.

Suddenly I realized that my heart had skipped a beat. I was now 50 feet in the air staring down at them. Did they see or hear me? It was an odd feeling.

I landed on a nearby tree hidden from their sight. Then a man came outside and the girls went to him. Anna called her dad and the man was the same man that the statue was resembling. He must be the king and Anna’s father but who is Elsa?

I smirked and throw my staff in the air. Just before it fell to ground I grapped it and my next stop was North Pole.

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