22 Frosty Wedding

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POV Jack

June was almost halfway, tomorrow will be our wedding and today we need to do last minute preparations. This morning I was supposed to do lots of things but I hid in the castle garden. Unfortunately Anna gave my whereabouts to Elsa who now was rushing outside the castle. She found my hideout in the biggest tree.

“Come down here mister!” Her voice sounded bossy and I jumped down. Her face was red and she moved restlessly because of her anxiety. “We still need to do the venue so people can decorate it. You need to try your suit and the cooks need our opinions and..” She was cute even though she was stressing, I stopped her speech by pulling her body close to mine and kissing her.

“Let’s go then. You needed something to cool things up?” I smiled and jumped in the air holding her from the waist. She was looking surprised and it made me laugh. Soon we were on the beach.

“Are you sure that you can do it? I mean we can hold the party in the castle. “ My worry for her and the baby were true. She laughed at my expressions and told me to just keep the air little cooler on this area. Her hands moved in the air and made a small castle appear from ice. She added lots of details even to stairs leading to castle. I let the temperature drop just below zero Celsius in this area so there was winter surrounded by summer.

She always amazed me with her talent. My work was to give people winter with cold, ice, frost and snow. Her work was more like an art when she made beautiful things from ice and those were shimmering. When she was looking happy at her work she went inside and did a chandelier and many furniture inside the castle. There were a lot of dining tables for example and she even made a small chapel inside. I was always watching how she feels but she seemed ok.

I added some frost patterns with detail in the walls and in the meanwhile she did ice roses to everywhere. Then the girl from the flower shop arrived to do plans for decoration with flowers. She promised to come early in the morning to decorate.

When we went back to actual castle I carried Elsa whole way even though she said that she can do it herself. Soon after we arrived we met other guardians who came day before, just to be sure not to be late.

“I did some wedding favors mate.” The Australian bunny was looking rather excited. Me and Elsa went over him and glanced to bag that he had with him. It was filled with easter eggs that were painted blue. Elsa took one of them out of the bag.

She started to smile and thanked kangaroo with a hug. I was trying to look over her shoulder what she was looking at. Then she gave the egg to me. It was ice blue with a huge snowflake on it. “Uh, thank you.” I was not used for kangaroo being this friendly to me but I think he did this for Elsa mainly. Kangaroo was smiling with confidence and I still looked at the high detailed egg.

“I would but it back Jack.” Kangaroo told me. “Even though you have ice powers it could ruin the chocolate. These babies have chocolate filling. “ He crossed his hands over his body and stared at me when I placed the egg back to his bag. He promised to place the eggs to tables right in the morning.

POV Elsa

Finally the day of the wedding is here. Anna made sure that no one else would be in my room helping me to get ready except her and Tooth. Mainly because we tried to keep my pregnancy a secret even though some people in Arendelle already guessed it. Last night Anna locked Jack in guestroom and covered my windows. She also made sure that Jack couldn’t come to see me before the wedding.

“He is fine.” Anna stated when she saw me in my thoughts. “It will be bad luck if he sees you before the ceremony. “ She was doing my hair and makeup with Tooth. I smiled at them.

“The boys are getting him ready. Bunny promised that he personally can gladly force him into his suit if necessary.” Tooth laughed and her perfect teeth were showing. “Poor Jack.” I laughed.

“Don’t pity him. Every man should wear a suit on his wedding day.” Anna was smirking to me when she did final touches in my hair. “Now it is your turn Elsa.” She stated and I walked to mirror and looked at my reflection. My hair was in neat French braiders and I had an icy looking makeup with different colors of blue. I pictured my dress in my mind.

After I touched my shoulder my wedding dress was soon ready. From wait up it was icy blue and below waist it was white. It was a A-line and the white part was powder snow. Anna was looking excited when she was admiring my work. I did some final touches and placed a snowflake in my hair and made frost decorations on my shoulders.

Tooth placed a hand on my shoulder. “Time to go or you’ll be late.” She smiled and we three were rushing downstairs. As we planned there was no ordinary horse carriage to take me from castle to the ice castle on the beach. Instead there was Kristoff waiting with Sven. Sven was pulling a horse carriage because a sleigh won’t go well in the summer.

Kristoff jumped down from the riders seat and helped us up. Anna was wearing a purple dress which wasn’t bad looking either. They would have their marriage in November. Anna wanted me to be married first because I’m the eldest. She is really strict when it comes to royal traditions and that idea made me laugh a little.

My heart was beating like crazy the whole trip to our wedding ceremony. The town was quiet when we went through it. Everyone was at the ceremony, including Jack and other guardian’s. Anna and Tooth were giggling, they got along well. Kristoff was focused on getting us at the ceremony. He didn’t look bad either with his traditional Arendelle suit.

Soon we were in front of the ice castle I made at the beach. The air was cooler as Jack promised and it was just the way it was yesterday. Kristoff helped us from the carriage and freed Sven who rushed to nearby meadow to eat grass.

When the doors opened the music started right away I had to take a deep breath. Kristoff looked at me and smiled to give me courage, then he took my hand and we walked towards the aisle. Everyone was here, looking at us walking and Anna was walking behind me with Tooth. I gained some courage and looked forward and saw Jack. He was waiting for me in the aisle looking good in his suit. His staff was missing but I saw that Bunny was holding it tight and looking quite happy with himself.

POV Jack

Why do I have to wear this suit? This doesn’t feel right, I like my hoodie better. That vicious kangaroo also had the nerves to take my staff from me when we traveled here. Wedding’s are silly.. I haven’t seen my Elsa for a day and have been through this torture. Even Kristoff was against me and they all were on this together.

Music started and I heard the doors opening. I lifted my sight and was staring at the doorway. I had hard time breathing when I finally saw Elsa. Now all the bad things were lifted from my mind and I was focused on her. She looked beautiful with her ice blue dress that was powder snow from below her waist. She was the Goddess of Winter for me, looking picture perfect. Quickly I closed my mouth before anyone could see my reaction.

Soon it was my turn to walk to meet her in the center. She was more beautiful when I saw her from close. Her stomach was starting to show that she was pregnant. Blood was rushing on my face and I was blushing pretty hard when I finally had her hand from Kristoff who then went to sit down.

I hold her hand when we walked to the aisle and North was already expecting us. Elsa and I glanced and the feeling I had was something new. Soon I will have a wife and three more months until there are three of us. Having fun with my own family, the idea had a nice ring on it.

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