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POV Jack

Changing into formal suit is always something that I find quite annoying. The shoes are making it even worse but this time I’m making an exception. It’s the day of my son’s wedding, he has finally found his place in life. I still remember how my whole world shattered when he was born, he lost his mother that day and I lost the love of my life but she came back. Jackie was something special from the beginning but we never knew that he would be something this great. His life time in this world might be short but his legacy will last longer than anything else, that I’m sure of.

My son is the Guardian of Believe. Well, what does it mean exactly? It’s something that Manny came up with, to make sure that something that happened before in history won’t be repeated in the future. Jackie is here to strengthen the belief of children and adults, to make sure that the Guardians won’t lose their strength ever again. What brought him in that position? Well, he found his core which is belief. He needed to believe in himself and he is the first mortal Guardian ever. He guards the believe which is so important.

“Jack!” Elsa called my name from downstairs. “Yeah, I’m ready soon,” I yelled back as I was trying to tie up my tie. “This is a real pain,” I groaned when I was trying the third time.

I heard someone clearing their throat and I look behind of me. Elsa is leaning on the doorway and smiling slyly. “Need a hand Frost?” She chuckled and walks towards me. I nodded my head slowly as I watch into her crystal blue eyes, she is focusing on tying up my tie. With few movements of her hands she finishes tying it and then she smiles to me, patting my cheek. “You’re handsome today,” she whispered.

I smile to her mischievously, “What? Only today, geez thanks a lot.” I laughed

Then I took her hands and placed them on my waist. She blushes a bit and I touch her hair gently, “You’re beautiful everyday but it’s like every day I see something different in you. You’re like a snowy day, the calmly falling snowflakes that I explore and see how unique they all are. Those snowflakes have their own beauty in them, the shining crystal structure with it’s elegance and variety that explodes my mind. You’re making me feel stunned every day Elsa, you’re the queen ruling my heart.”

“Jack, you’re embarrassing me,” Elsa chuckled nervously. I cupped her cheek, “That’s good since I love the sweet blush that you get to your cheeks. It’s melting my heart.” With every word I leaned forward and sealed it all with a kiss to her lips.

Elsa is breathing calmly against me, hugging me tightly. “I guess that we should go already. Everyone else is waiting in downstairs,” she whispers to my ear gently. “Then we should go,” I chuckled and scooped her into my arms. I grabbed my staff from leaning against the wall and flew us to downstairs.

“Put me down,” Elsa giggled and slapped my chest. I gave her a devious grin as I placed her down. I noticed that she was wearing her high heels which she had done from ice. “Oh, so you’re wearing this today,” I smiled as I touched the cool fabric which was created from thousands of thin ice yarns that formed a crystal blue dress on her. It shimmered when light hit on it and the top part was done from many ice crystals. It’s her signature dress. “Stop staring,” she said quietly but I saw the sparkles in her eyes. She knew that I loved her in that dress and I smiled to her.

Elsa wiped her hairstrands away from her face. She is having her hair in messy French braid as always.

“Mate, you two should stop flirting,” Bunny groaned and I chuckled with Elsa. “Sorry Bunnymund,” Elsa said gently.

“Okay, get ready since we’re going now. Belle is already at the venue. Fern wanted her to be the maid in honor,” Emma spoke and bounced Lionel better onto her shoulder. Jonathan took Lionel from his wife and I could see the love in Emma’s eyes.

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