18 New Dawn

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POV Fern

“Mum,” I whine as she places tons of flowers in my arms. We have been so busy lately at our flower shop. She inherited the shop from her father and now we are trying to keep it up. There is a story she always tells, as she in about my age met the Queen of Arendelle. Since then the flower shop has been the place where the castle orders flowers for different occasions.

In the village goes a story of Ice Queen, it is kind of similar to the one which Jackson told me when I was little. The story tells how she fell in love to a Spirit and they got married and got children. Well, I know it better that it is a story. No one believes in it anymore. There are no royal spirit children in Arendelle. There only was King Kristoff and late Queen Anna. Their daughter married a king of another country and lives there. Her daughters married princes.

The thing that I wonder is who the future King of Arendelle is. We have been making preparations like crazy with my mother and now it is the day of flower delivery. We use carriages to actually deliver the flowers, the streets are filled with people.

“Finally!” Mum squeals in excitement and I cock my eyebrow. “What is it mum?” I gasped and she smiles to me. “This means that the prince has finally returned. I never stopped believing in them and neither should you,” mum stopped the carriage and took my hands. I stare her into her eyes.

“Fern, you actually know the prince of Arendelle,” she laughed and her eyes were watering. “I do?” I gulped. Mum nodded and started laughing, “The prince of Arendelle is Jackson. He has finally chosen to take the throne!” My heart dropped. Jackson is the future king?

“Y-you sure mum?” I stared at her and she kept on nodding. I glance towards the castle. This explains why he hasn’t contacted me during last week. I didn’t have time to wonder over it since we were busy planning the table decorations.

When we arrived at the castle the guards stood in both sides of the entrance gate. Some maids helped us carry the flowers inside. I saw a dining room with plates and silverware nicely waiting for quests. We started decorating the tables and I sighed as I placed a couple of white roses and bluebells to vase. I wonder how he is doing.

“Hurry up Fern! We still need to dress up for the coronation!” Mum hurried me. Yes, everyone was invited to the coronation. Why didn’t Jackson tell me about being royal?

I hear some footsteps outside the dining room. I see that in the hallway Jackson is walking with some royal advisors. “Then your highness you will be walking from the chapel  to here in the dining room where people will be already seated. It is for royals only but the coronation event is open for everyone,” the advisor spoke to Jackson who sighed. He seemed unhappy.

Jackson looked different with his straight back, the blue Arendelle uniform which he was wearing. His feet had long black boots. I stopped making flower decorations and I sneaked to the door. I need to speak with him.

“I will come back shortly mum!” I tell my mother as I go to corridor. I just lost Jackson and I have no idea how to navigate in the castle. I chose to go to my right and I see lots of paintings on the walls. Then I stopped in front of one. There is a family. There is a boy with white messy hair and brown eyes, next to him is a little girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Then there is platinum haired beautiful woman. My eyes look at the little boy who really reminds me of Jackson.

Suddenly I heard some laughter and I go to hiding. I hear some steps and when I saw that messy white hair I run to hug that person. “Why didn’t you tell me!” I yell to him and he gasps. “Umm.. miss?” He glances over his shoulder and I am shocked. Instead of those warm brown eyes I see confused cyan blue eyes looking at me.

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