17 One knee on the ground

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POV Jack

“WHOOAAA” I flew across the air screaming in excitement. This is the time I need to do this. Not next summer but NOW. My own family.

Halfway traveling to North Pole I remember that I didn’t say anything to Elsa. I must hurry and I travel faster. I won’t stop even for walking inside the workshop and fly across the rooms.

“ What the bloody earth was that?” Bunny said in his Australian accent when the teacups fell and Tooth lost some of her feathers. “Well.. by the looks of it I think it was Frost in a hurry” He showed others the magazine that had a whole in shape of Jack.

Jack found the ring box right away and flew back still leaving chaos in the tea table.

“No,no,no….” He got more speed from the wind and just in time caught his girlfriend in his arms before she passed out in the floor. He kissed her and he was kneeled on one knee on the floor.

She woke up. “Jack, you came back.” Happiness filled her voice and she sat to my bended leg.

“Of course I did” I laughed nervously. She looked at my with wonder in her eyes..

“ I, I … I had to go get something.. I w-was so excited that I didn’t have time to tell you how happy I am.” I smiled her as the best as I could.. darn, why now.. I feel like I’m jelly!

“Uhum.. Elsa you know that I’m old..right?” she nodded “ you look like 18 year old but you must be older because your guardian”..

“Err… to be exact I’m over 300 years old” I took a pause and she was still smiling at me. Good.

I smiled back at her. “ It might come surprise to you that I’m little old fashioned” I blushed…

“I, i… Elsa I would like you to be my wife b-b-before our baby comes. I was going to ask you on your birthday.. but this moment is better”

POV Elsa

Oh my god.. he was proposing to me, the Guardian of Fun, Winter Spirit and my own Jack Frost. Now that explains why he was so modest on our first night together and only one by far. I mean we have slept together but that’s about it. He is old fashioned and now I feel blush coming on my cheeks.

He looked like a puppy in front of me. He looked confused of my silence but I was enjoying the moment.

Then he panicked and started to look something from his blue hoodie’s pockets. “ I will have to say Yes. I love you Jack”. He almost dropped the small ice box he just found out of his pocket.

POV Jack

My heart was bouncing and skipped a beat when she said yes. I almost dropped her ring. “P-please accept this as a symbol of our love”. I opened the ring box and placed the ring on her finger.

She looked it in different lights. She looked amazed.. Maybe it is a good thing? Then she hugged me tightly and kissed my lips. I think she liked it, I lost my balance and keep sure that she was safe when we fell on the ground.

I laughed, I was feeling so warm and good inside. A bride and a baby, a whole family in one day just for me.  I touch my lips and try to remember her kiss over and over. I think she noticed this because she kissed me again.

“Mmm.. your lips taste like strawberries” I said to her smiling.. she was blushing “ Well, I’ve eaten strawberries a lot, I have a strange desire to those”. My favorite berry in the world I was thinking.

I was smiling widely. “I know the best places in the world for strawberries! Just ask and I will get them for you both. “ She smiled back and I let my hands touch her hair.

“Oh. ” I made a sound of surprise. “What is it Jack?” he laughed and touched my belly. “ He is moving, he just kicked me”

POV Elsa

Kicked him? Ok I was on top of him laying down but I didn’t feel it. I lifted my eyebrow in the mark of question.

Jack giggled first time ever. “We guardians have stronger senses than mortals”

I was thinking. “ Why didn’t you sense him in the castle but here? How do you know it is a boy” I teased

“Uhm.. Near the castle are lot of children here it isn’t so it is easier to sense something new. Now I can find you both because I know your heartbeat” He smiled lovingly. “ Sorry if I ruined the surprise of baby’s gender, it’s a sense thing also” he lifted his shoulders with sad look on his face.

“ That’s ok Jack. I’ve called our baby a boy also” I shook his hair for the first time ever. It was soft as snow.

“Elsa.. I forgot to mention that when we marry you will eventually become a guardian one day after that.” He told me carefully.

“What about the baby?” I screamed. “I mean I have to die but..” Jack took my hands into his hands.

“Manny wouldn’t hurt our child ever” and he kissed me.

“Look at the time” I told him when the sun was setting. He was staring into my eyes. “We need to go back or others will worry.” I continued and he nodded when we got up. Suddenly he picked me bridal style and laughed.

“ No” I cried.. “ We can’t fly now” I tried to convince Jack.

“Haha, please trust me Elsa.” He rise to air and was still holding me tightly, I felt his warmth and smell of mountain breeze coming from him. I closed my eyes and he carried me through the air and walked our way back to the castle.

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