5 Spring in Arendelle

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POV Emma

My bag is so full of stuff! I need multiple dresses for different occasions. There might be dances, party’s or having fun in outdoors! With my elbow I try to push my bag closed so I could tie it up. It throws me backwards and everything explodes to my bed. From underwear to toothbrush, from books to jewelry. A muffled chuckle sounds behind of me.

I turn around and see Jackie holding his hand over his mouth. “Not funny!” I exhale and stuff my things back to bag. He is still chuckling, “T-told you to be ready when I come!” He mocked me, “This sure doesn’t seem ready.” He glanced at my failed try to back my things.

“Help me out, please?” I plead to him and he smiles to me, grinning with satisfaction that I needed his help. Carefully he folds my clothes to my bag and closes the bag. Just a little gentle push was enough from him to keep the bag closed when he tied it closed. “Here you go,” he handed the bag to me. It was so heavy that when I took it from him it fell down. “You did that on purpose!”

He cocked his eyebrow and smiled mischievously, “What if I did?” I showed my tongue to him. He was laughing which made me happy, these months have changed him a little bit. Now he calls our parents mum and dad again, not using their first names. Still he refuses to return to home. Well, he is almost 18 so I guess he can do what he wants to. I envy him.

“Let’s go already,” he jerked his head towards the window. Soon we would go to Arendelle for a week! We could see our cousin Sofia. And aunt Anna and uncle Kristoff! This feeling warms me inside, we haven’t got time to see them that much anymore. Right after we moved here our contact with them has been almost nothing. Mum visits them more often since she travels doing her guardian stuff. They think that they’re protecting us by isolating us. Maybe they’re now realizing the mistake after Jackie’s act.

Jackie was playing with a snow globe in his hand, he threw it up and catch it.  “Alright, let’s go,” he smirked and broke the snow globe on my bedroom’s floor. A twirling portal appeared and he threw my bag inside. “Be gentle Jackie!” I exhaled as I saw my things flying inside the portal. He laughed and threw his small pouch to his shoulder, walking inside the portal. I followed him quickly before the portal vanished.

We arrived to Arendelle in our old home, the castle where king Kristoff and queen Anna now live with their daughter, princess Sofia. “Directly to guestroom?” I laughed to Jackie who smiled. “No unnecessary climbing up the stairs with luggage,” he messed my hair and I have to admit that he was right.

“Oh! I thought that I heard something!” A sweet chirping voice sounded from the door. It was our cousin Sofia.  She immediately ran to hug us. In my mind she is really like aunt Anna with her bubbly personality. “I missed you!” She was now pinching my cheeks. “Ouch! Sofia, don’t!” I pleaded but she smiled, ”You’re too adorable Emma!”

Suddenly she creep me out with her smile. “I need you Jackie! Now!” She took a hold of Jackie’s arm and pulled him after her. Jackie did a ‘what is happening look’ over his face. I sneaked after them and placed my ear against Sofia’s bedroom. They were having a conversation.

“So.. You’re a boy,” Sofia started and sounded excited. Jackie laughed, “Yeah. So what?” I tried to listen harder since Sofia was now whispering some stuff. “I really like from a boy..but.. WHAT DO BOYS LIKE!” I had to back up since Sofia yelled the last words which startled me. “Depends,” Jackie said simply.

Sofia exhaled and sounded frustrated. “Help me out here cousin!” Jackie just laughed, “Really, it depends. Not all of us like the same things. You know.” I heard how Sofia thanked him coldly and then I had to ran away from the door since her annoyed sounding steps were closing the door. Just in time I managed to go around the corner and after that I walked to the scene like I haven’t heard a thing.

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