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My Opinions in Shippings #2 by xxxxAutumnSpiritxxxx
My Opinions in Shippings #2by ❀ Arden ❀
Soooo.. The title says it all I guess
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Love Guardians Part 3: Dark Love by ReignWinter
Love Guardians Part 3: Dark Loveby "Dany" and PiddQuinn
Pitch has always enjoyed watching others in fear or despair. One night he escapes and feels a great amount of fear and despair coming from a girl. He follows the sensati...
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Jacqueline Frost - A ROTG Genderbender by CandyAndCupcake
Jacqueline Frost - A ROTG Genderbe...by Candy And Cupcake
It's the same storyline as the movie, but Genderbent :D
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X-Men: Rise of the Panther Gene by keybladekeyhole
X-Men: Rise of the Panther Geneby Alex Munroe
This story is about a boy named Alex Munroe who is the son of Storm and the Black Panther. Alex has the power to mimic and use mutant powers to their maximum capacity. N...
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The Strands of Fate (Jackunzel and Merricup) by Theinvisiblegurl
The Strands of Fate (Jackunzel and...by Elle Fer
The peaceful kingdom of Corona is now being threatened by a mysterious dark force. It is now up to a band of unlikely heroes to team up and subdue the evil once again. J...
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TB Poems by ThomasBerryman
TB Poemsby ThomasBerryman
1. Couplet: Welcome 2. Sonnet: Working 3. Rondeau 4. Acrostic 5. Triolet 6. Ballad: Albert 7. Haiku: Crane 8. Tanka: Growth 9. Tyburn: Willis 10. Free Verse: Rise
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Frost Vs. Ice (RotG) by WritingLikeMyJob
Frost Vs. Ice (RotG)by Rebecca
Give Jack credit if you want, but the ice is me. Ice and frost are not the same, no matter what you may think. Together, when Jack Frost and I use our powers, it snows...
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Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons by staybeautiful22
Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragonsby staybeautiful22
This is the story of four people who couldn't be more different. And how they became four friends who couldn't be more alike. The story of Rapunzel, Jack, Merida, and Hi...
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Bonds to rebuild by flamenightivy
Bonds to rebuildby flamenightivy
E. Aster Bunnymund last of the Great Pooka race. Or is he. Whilst messing around with his potions Father Time De-ages Jack Frost. Just who exactly was he in his past lif...
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Beneath My Icy Skin (Jack Frost) by AlluretheNight
Beneath My Icy Skin (Jack Frost)by Rachel Gaught
Dahlia Candavere was always cold. Her body temp dropped quickly and she almost always had pneumonia through out the winter months. Doctors are miffed and her parents hav...
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Hijanna: Harry Potter AU Oneshots by brittany_lainee
Hijanna: Harry Potter AU Oneshotsby Brittany Laine
Just a bunch of Hijanna oneshots in the wizarding world.
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For Mary Katherine by ReignWinter
For Mary Katherineby "Dany" and PiddQuinn
... For Mary Katherine... Thank you...
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Villain of a Hero by InkLink
Villain of a Heroby InkLink
Green grass, sun shining, birds singing. That's how it all was; that's all we thought it would be. Charred grass, faded sky, echoing winds. That's how it all became; th...
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MoonClan's Return by ad_meliora
MoonClan's Returnby Maeve
[Warriors Cats Fanfiction] (The Sequel to Moonstar's Rise) Though MoonClan's reign appears over, it is nowhere near extinction. When Moonstar finds her daughter, Hazelno...
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Can You Believe? (Jelsa) by Jelsa-Minecraft-R5
Can You Believe? (Jelsa)by Jelsa-Minecraft-R5
Elsa was close to her sister, but one mistake changed it all. Her father told her the story of Jack Frost and she believed. It was her coronation day and she exposed her...
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Believe in Me by autorai
Believe in Meby Autorai
A few months after the battle against Pitch, Jack Frost is finally getting used to the life of being a guardian. But as quickly as it all started, Pitch Black is back, a...
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ROTBTFD Hogwarts(CRINGE) by Ash_harmony
ROTBTFD Hogwarts(CRINGE)by Ash_Harmony
#CRINGE DONT READ UNLESS YOU WANT TO READ AN UNEDUCATED 11 YEAR OLD'S NOVEL Being selected for Hogwarts is a big thing. A lot of people don't even know what Hogwarts is...
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The Advantages of an Arranged Marriage (Jelsa) by SecretSpyGal
The Advantages of an Arranged Marr...by SecretSpyGal
Elsa is a young 22 year old woman who would do anything to help her family and to reach her dreams. She is soon found in a situation where in she is in need of money, so...
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Dick Grayson and Jack Frost (bxb) by grumpygummibare
Dick Grayson and Jack Frost (bxb)by Angelina Kemp
This is the story of not only about how the justice league and guardians join forces, but also how Robin and Jack fall in love. This will be a story of action and romanc...
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Winter Melody (On hold and under editing) by WeirdGal17
Winter Melody (On hold and under e...by Nicole A.
~JACK FROST X READER~ "My heart is pierced by cupid, I disdain all glittery gold, There is nothing that can console me, but my jolly sailor bold." His hair...
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