41 Mocking Jack

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POV Elsa

Few months ago our life changed. That morning was like any other when I woke up beside Jack and stared at him while he slept. His over-long hair was hanging in front of his face and his breathing was calming. Jackson had own room right next to us, normally he still snuck up to sleep between us and so he did last night. Jack always carries him back to bed after he has fallen to sleep, he is a loving parent and my own.

I tried my best to not wake up Jack while I slowly rose from bed. First my right foot and then the left while taking support from bed end. This time I decided to wear white ice gown with purple shimmer. When I walked to my dressing table I started to feel dizzy and took support from the chair that scratched the floor when I leaned on it. Strange, I thought while holding my head. Jack didn’t wake up to my noisy movements but he made a sleepy sound and changed to sleep on his other side.

My hair was looking frizzy and I quickly took the comb in my hand and slowly sat down to the chair. Comb was sticking to tangles but after few long moments I got my hair done. Luckily Jack didn’t see the bird nest that was my hair. He would have mocked me about it for ages. Sometimes I really love to have some special time for myself at the mornings without anyone talking or wanting something from me, like Jackie does. He always wants his mother’s attention. Even though I love the fact that I am not alone anymore, quiet moments are still important to me.

Suddenly my stomach turned upside down for a small moment. I covered my mouth and hoped that the feeling would end soon. When the feeling actually stopped I just sat on the chair and afraid to move. My mistake was to trust that everything was fine and I stood up. My vision went blurry for few seconds because of the quick movement I made. My stomach was also killing me and I run to bathroom, the chair fell down because of my rushing. A sleepy voice of Jack was reaching me, “Elsa? What?.”

I couldn’t answer since I was hugging the toilet. Footsteps were closing the bathroom and I heard a yawn while I shook in front of the toilet seat and sat on the floor. Quickly I flushed and stood up and wiped my face to a towel before Jack came to door. “What is wrong?” Jack questioned in a worried way.

When I turned around his expression was puzzled, his lips were narrow and he stared at me like trying to find answers. “Jack, I don’t kno-“ my sentence was cut off when I saw Jack suddenly smiling happily and laughing like crazy. “This is wonderful Elsa!” He yelled in excitement and made a jump in the air and quick back flip during it. My jaw drop, is he actually happy about me feeling sick?

“Jack Frost! I am NOT feeling well and you are acting in unappropriate way!” I crossed my hands and felt angry. He just continued laughing and cheering, was he mocking me? I will teach him a lesson I thought in my mind while preparing for a snow attack. Jack was still smiling happily and chuckling, watching me weirdly. Then Jackie came to pull Jack from the edge of his pants. “Daddy, what is funny?”

With huge amount of excitement Jack took Jackie in his hands and lifted him in the air. “Guess what Jackie,” Jack was speaking with joy, “you are going to be a big brother!” Jackie started laugh with Jack and I just watched them in shock. Was I? Could I be? My hand rested on my stomach.

Jack noticed my confusion and stopped his and Jackie’s happy dance. ”Feel it Elsa, just listen with your heart and you will see it. We are having a baby,” the warmth in Jack’s words could thaw the eternal ice. His hand was on top of mine while I tried to sense it. “I know it is hard but I know you that you will notice it too. Just focus.” Jack kissed my cheek and then I felt the small presence of a child, child other than Jackie. I felt the child that was growing inside of me.

Jack was smiling happily and waited for my reaction that slowly turned from faint smile to joyful laughter. Jack exhaled when I jumped on to his neck. He gave me a spin around the air and we kissed. Jackie made a sound of disagree for our kiss. “I will go to auntie Anna,” Jackie said.

Me and Jack were still embracing each other and smiling. His eyes were so happy. “How is this possible?” I asked, “I mean that we both are Guardians and now –.” Jack just placed his finger on my lips. ”Shh.. Just enjoy this, maybe it was meant to be.. maybe Manny wanted this to happen.” He smirked happily and I nodded. Breaking the news to everyone sure was fun. Anna was screaming from happiness, literally.

However the pregnancy has been different from the other time. I feel different than when expecting Jackie. There is just two months until the baby arrives to the world. Last week was the weirdest but now we are getting used to it. Even the plants go wild with their growth, when I go near them.

POV Jack

Elsa sure has been acting weird after she started to expect our second child. She is jolly and overly kind, oh and plays tricks on me. She never has done that so much since she is the serious one in this relationship. However I am happy that during this pregnancy she has been calm and doesn’t take risks like she did when she expected Jackie.

When I thought that the fast growing plants were the weirdest part in this pregnancy I was totally wrong. Even though I am truly happy that we are having a baby I feel little worried. One day she yelled me to come to bathroom quickly and I did that. “Jack! Can you feel it?” Her expression was worried when she grab my hand and placed it on her stomach. The baby was moving but her stomach felt warmer than usual. Almost like being hot. “What is it Jack?”

My laughter sounded a bit nervous even though I attempted to be carefree so she wouldn’t worry herself. “Your temperature is just changing because of the pregnancy, that is all!” I tried to sound confident and smirked. Luckily she smiled faintly back at me. “However let me know when you are worried, ok?”

She was now hugging me and whispered, “Yes I will.” When she let go off me we held on each others hands and she seemed to be thinking of something. “What is it?” I chuckled and she smiled widely, “I feel that it is a girl.”

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