5 Can You Embrace Fear?

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POV Jack

“Don’t let him close!” I shouted as a shadow was moving fast.

“Dad!” Belle raised her voice. The flames were already increasing.

“BELLE!” Elsa shouted and I felt the intense heat making me feel uncomfortable. I jumped back and covered my head. Three horses walked in front of her.

“I can’t get close,” Jackson shouted out and I barely saw the figure of my daughter inside the flame. Jackie flew aside when a flame ball exploded into his direction.

“Get away from her,” I told to Jackie.

“Yes. GO AWAY FROM ME!” Belle cried. “I can kill you, I could kill the guardians,” she sobbed.

“We need to do something,” Jackie whispered and looked at his hand.

“Do it fast! I can’t keep Pitch away much longer!” Emma yelled. She had been using her power until now to keep most of the nightmare horses away.

“Make a barrier,” I said half aloud. I raised my staff and I started doing a sphere around my daughter.

Jackie flew to other side of Belle and started helping me out by doing the barrier too.

“It won’t hold!” Belle cried as the roof of the sphere kept melting. Her hair was flowing like a flame that tried to reach the sky. “You should kill me,” she screamed.

“Elsa, I need to..” I whispered as the sphere kept on melting. The solar eclipse had almost ended. Elsa nodded her head and shot her power towards nightmare horse that exploded.

“You are really going to kill your daughter because of power?” Pitch roared from top of his nightmare horse.

“What about believing in yourself? How no one is a monster?” The voice of Pitch sounded bitter.

“You don’t know anything!” I yelled a response as I started gathering the electricity around me.

“I love you Jack. In better and for worse,” Elsa cried to me. Her eyes were swollen from crying.

I inhaled deeply and I let my powers stop doing the barrier. Jackie groaned as he was now doing it alone while we others fought. I clenched my staff in my hands, the barrier was melting and I could hear now Belle’s begging voice as the barrier weakened.

“I’m doing it now Belle,” I yelled to her.

“Thank you,” Belle said faintly and fell to her knees, her gaze was down and she embraced herself.

“Can’t you see that toddler in between!” Pitch shouted loudly as I was going closer to Belle. My eyes widened. It was Lionel, Emma’s son.

”LIONEL!” Emma turned around, one of nightmare horses hit on her back but she stood up. She was making a vine grow under her and carry her towards the place in between me and Belle. Where Lionel was wobbling towards the flame that had almost eaten the ice sphere which was around Belle.

“Are you all foolish?” I saw the shadow moving in as the sphere melted.

“Emma! No!”” Jackie yelled as the last of his ice barrier got destroyed. Elsa tried to slow down the flame by doing ice spikes.

“Take him out Emma!” Belle shouted as her flames expanded like explosion.

I let my powers fade as I tried to fly to get Emma and Lionel out. I was too late, a huge flame shot towards them. It covered them just when Emma got her son in her arms.

“EMMA! LIONEL!” Elsa cried and fell to her knees. We lost our daughter and grandchild.

POV Belle

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