12 The Trolls

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POV Elsa

This morning started with me throwing up. Again. Thank god Jack had left to his guardian job before this happened. I flushed the toilet. This can’t continue, even the smell of cooking turns my belly upside down.

After opening the doors and walking to a different corridor I stand behind my sister’s door. This time I’m knocking on her door instead her knocking mine. “Anna, are you there? Can I speak with you?”

I hear sudden speech and then see Kristoffer opening the doors. “ Hi Queen Elsa. I’m just about to leave for breakfast. Please come in.” I see Anna combing her hair and sit on her bed.

Kristoff closed the door. “Anna. Kristoffer knows the trolls right?”

“Mm.. sure, why?” She still was combing her hair in front of the mirror.

“I think I’m sick. They might know the cure.” I smiled not so confidently.

Anna stopped fixing her hair and sat next to me. “Elsa. I can ask Kristoff to take you there right now. It will be ok.” She smiled and hugged me. “I will tell him that you leave at once!” She rushed downstairs.

I changed my clothes to more suitable for traveling and we left with a slay that Sven was pulling.

“So.. the trolls.. are they nice?” I asked being a little shy. “ Yes but they are a little.. well.. you will see that they are unique.” Kristoff smiled.

Soon we were on a small valley beside a cliff. Nearby stream was already frozen by this winter, maybe it is Jacks work? I see a pile of rocks everywhere.

“Come out. She is ok, she’s Anna’s sister Elsa” Kristoff yells and looks to me smiling.

I see the rocks starting to shake and to move. I go behind of Kristoff who pulls me back to front. “This is my family” he smirks.

“I’m troll mama, mama to Kristoff” a feminine rock.. I mean troll tells me. “Nice to meet you” I answer.

“What brings you here Queen Elsa?” she looks at me, it feels like she sees inside of me. “Well, actually I have been ill lately and I need to find a cure. Could you help me?” She looks at me again and turns towards Kristoff.

“Off you go boy. She’s a lady and won’t want a man nearby when she tells her medical condition!” She pushes Kristoff who then goes to somewhere not to be seen.

“Our chief will help you. Darling!” She yells and then a masculine troll comes to me.

“What’s wrong Queen Elsa? Please take a seat.” I sit on the ground and start to tell him about me feeling sick every morning and sometimes during the day. “Please mister troll. Do you have a way to cure me?” I beg from him.

Instead of talking about my sickness he starts to ask me things. “Kristoff has told me that you have a special someone at your heart nowadays?”

“Yes” I answer and a picture of Jack laughing in the air and making it snow comes to my mind. I start to smile.

“He is a man that is dear to you?” He looks at me and I nod. “Is it true that he is the one and only Jack Frost who had frozen heart? “Yes that is true.”

“How close is your relationship?” I blush. “Well.. he knows me and makes me laugh. I would say that we are together and close. Don’t take him wrong though, he is really formal and we haven’t gone further than kisses and hugs.” Well most of the time.. I think of the night when his heart froze completely and then melted because of our love.

“Are you sure, my highness. Didn’t anything happen ever?” I start to fiddle my shirt and feel embarrassed. “ Uh.. well one time we went further but he was a gentleman and didn’t force me to anything just that you know it. But could we get back to the subject of curing me?” I stand and look the troll in the eyes.

Troll starts to smile. “You went further over two weeks ago?” I cross my hands over my body. “More or likely 11 weeks ago but what do you mean?”

“So you’ve had this sickness for two mornings?” I nodded again. “Well, this sickness will be fine in sometime. Congratulations.”

“Why are you congratulating me of getting better?” Troll laughed. “You are waiting for a baby Frost, that is why.” I almost fainted. A baby for us?

“Are you sure troll?” Troll nodded and laughed. “ Well, thanks.. I think.” I went back to Kristoff and the slay. We went back to Arendelle and my mind was full of things.

POV Jack

Wow I’ve been busy today! Few snowfights over there and there and of course snow days! I just love March! Even though I love Elsa the most.

I flew abow Arendelle’s forest and knocked some snow from the trees. The closer I get to Arendelle the happier I get. I make the snow rain so Elsa knows I’m back. I shoot the sky with my staff and snow crystals start to fall. Soon I’m at her side.

“I’m home” I flew inside and jumped on the bed. She had a different night gown this time a lot thicker one and she was in her thoughts. I play with her hair. “Jack, please. I need some time alone. Could you sleep on different room for while?” She turned her back at me.

“Uhh.. I guess so.” I felt bad but I couldn’t say no to her. I kissed her on the cheek and went to guestroom.

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