29 The New Guardian

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POV Jack

I felt miserable. The day of supposed to be one of the happiest days in my life but it was also the saddest. How could I bring fun to everyone when I felt like dying. I felt alone and afraid, how could I raise our son alone?

Then I heard evil laughter behind me. It was Pitch with his black sand. I felt more scared and took a terrified look to our child’s cradle. There was a dark horse figure close to my sleeping son.

“ Please Pitch, don’t harm my son. Let him be.” I begged from him.

“ FINALLY, finally I will defeat you Jack. Your heart and mind are so dark and it was your own doing Jack” Pitch was smiling in an evil way. I looked to cradle and realized I couldn’t do anything because my staff was too far from me. Normally I have it near me all the time but tonight I wasn’t my usual self.

I stood up and faced Pitch. “Please” I begged once more. “Not got anything smart to say now frosty boy?” How could Pitch laugh in this situation. The horse was breathing to my child’s face, dark smoke came out of his nostrils.

“Y-you can do anything you want with me. Just leave my son alone, never come near him again.” I felt ill and sat on the bed still watching Pitch with desperate look. My wife was laying dead behind me and that thought hurt me even more.

“Well. I just want your heart, your soul and your powers. That is all” Pitch played with his fingers and had an evil grin.

“Do as you wish if you leave my son alone.” I replied with blank voice. This is it now, the eternity ends for me.

“ Ok. That’s a deal!” Pitch created a small dagger from black sand and readied himself in stabbing position. I still sat on the bed with my hands taking support from the bedsides. I closed my eyes and tried to think of Elsa. I heard the baby making sweet sounds when he was a sleep. Then I felt peaceful.

Something grabbed me from behind and made me close to it. Pitch wanted to make sure I don’t run, I thought to myself. I suddenly realized that the thing wrapped around me was placed over my heart. Is it protecting me? I felt confused and then something was resting on my shoulder. A chin maybe?

“Don’t be a fool Jack. Don’t agree to leave him.” The voice was familiar and the thing wrapped around me tighter. The thing around me felt cold which was odd. Cold never bothered me. I opened my eyes and saw ice around me and then the dagger hit and shattered. I watched Pitch who looked terrified.

A hand came behind me and it send an ice blue beam towards Pitch. The beam that contained snow crystals hit him and Pitch flew outside the window towards the mountain. My heart started to bounce rapidly in my chest. I was confused.

“Don’t have a heart attack Jack. Don’t leave me ever.” The voice was loving and caring, I felt a kiss on my cheek. Ice started to melt around me and it looked like there was a hand inside of the ice. The most beautiful hand of all time and on the hand there was a ring that looked like the winter rose ring which I had made.

“E-Elsa? Is that really you?” A hand touched my head and played with my hair. “ Who else would it be.” Elsa was laughing.

I broke her grip and turned around with amazement. There she was, my beautiful Elsa. I blushed like I was falling for her all over again. She kissed me with smile on her face and made some movements with her hand. It started to rain ice crystals that looked like hearts.

“How could this be?” I still had difficult time realizing what happened. “It was Manny, I’m the Guardian of Caring” and then Elsa touched my cheek. Of course, how did I forget that becoming my wife meant she would be guardian some day? I started laughing with happiness.

POV Elsa

Jack is so cute when he is confused and he makes me so happy.

“Elsa, I need you to meet someone special!” Jack was almost dancing the way to cradle while he was pulling me from my hand. I giggled to him.

Jack took our son in his arms. “Wow boy, you are heavy. I’m sorry honey that you had to carry this lovely burden alone for nine months” Jack was teasing me and laughing.

Jack stopped laughing when our son woke up and looked at him. Jack looked happy but his face looked panicked after our boy started crying in a voice that was so clear to me. He was hungry.

“E-Elsa. Did I just break him? What will I do? HELP and stop laughing already”. Jack was still panicking.

“ He is hungry my dear. “ I took our son in my arms and sat on a chair.

“ Oh, hungry. Let me fetch a bottle of warm milk for you” Jack almost left by flying out of the window but just before I managed to stop him.

“No need for that. Please, stay Jack”. Jack turned around and saw me breastfeeding, he was red as a tomato.

“Urhm.. yes of course, you could do THAT” and he rubbed his neck with his hand.

“ I don’t have that much of experience from this small children. I mean, normally they are in the age they could play with the snow.” Jack looked funny when he told me that.

“Hey, that’s cool! I did that before! Nicely done Elsa.” I looked back down to our baby who was still eating. He was staring at a small bunny hopping over his head.

“No, no dear. I didn’t do this. He did it.” A smile was slowly forming in my face when I looked at our sons excited eyes.

“Wait a minute. How would it be possible?” Jack was stunned and amazed by our sweet little son.

“Manny told me that he is a half guardian. His physical aging will stop when he is 18 and in time he will choose if he wants to be a mortal or guardian. He has your powers and he will always believe in guardians.” I smiled widely when I saw a huge grin forming on Jack’s face.

Suddenly Jack did a back flip on the air and was looking extremely happy. “ You mean he has OUR powers. This also explains why he sees us and you could take him in your arms without him falling on the ground.” Jack was laughing and hugging us.


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