10 Time is Important

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POV Emma

It was as Pitch said. My brother came to visit us. I send him to rest in the guestroom like Pitch asked me to do. However I feel somehow that something isn’t right.

Pitch comes to grand entry hall of the Dark Castle. “Hello sweetheart,” he chuckles and I smile to him. “Hey friend, when will my brother join to our dinner?” He laughs, “Soon, soon.” He grins to me, “Why won’t you show me your powers again?” I nod to him.

He seems satisfied when I do vines that soon die from my request for them to rest. I feel how he pats my back, “Good girl. Now do more!” He pushes me forward and shows me a rose bud. ”Make it bloom until it is turning brown,” he laughs. I look at the delicate bud. “Y-you sure? I wouldn’t want to rush it?” I glance at him and he is rubbing his hands together. “Of course I am, we will be a good team if you can control your powers properly.”

I smiled to Pitch but when I turned around I felt unease. Can I really make things lose their life strength? He told me that sometimes things don’t know it until it happens, that they’re tired and want to move on. A sudden thumb caught my attention and I look up. “What was that?” I exhaled. Pitch took a hold from my shoulders and he leads me to dining room,” Well, well Princess. Time for dinner.”

He makes me sit to the other side of the table. There is a fish staring at me from the plate. “I am a vegetarian?” I gasped and he laughed, “Too bad.”

I took the fork and knife. I feel sad for the poor fish. Carefully I eat around the fish where the green stuff is, veggies. “How about my brother? When he will come?” I whispered aloud. ”Soon, soon,” Pitch chuckled.

I sighed and I am playing with the food with my fork. I lean my head to my chin. The reflection from the knife seemed peculiar. Slowly I twist my wrist again to see it again. I am staring at myself.

My hand touches my cheek that has a grayish tone. I am panting when I turn the knife more, most of my hair has turned black. “W-what is this?” I exhale when I jumped up. The chair fell to ground when I ran towards the only mirror in the castle.

Pounding. My heart is pounding wildly in my chest when I slowly walk the rest of the steps to hallways mirror. The reflection frightens me. My skin is grayish, even deeper shade of grey circles around my eyes that are blacker than night. My dress is covered in something, black nightmare sand. Only one single hair strand has remained brown. I am panting when I look at myself.

“So now you noticed,” Pitch chuckles behind of me. I turn around on my heels, “What is going on!” I sobbed and my hands were almost if trying to tear the hair from my head. “D-did you do this to me?” I am looking directly at Pitch who laughs in evil way. It makes my soul to shiver.

He smirks cunningly, “No. You did it. You sealed the transformation when you betrayed your brother, captured him.” I look at him, my eyes widen. ”No! This can’t be happening! It can’t!” I yelled to him, tears won’t come out even though my feelings are willing to do so.

“Your heart is filled with darkness now. It might be even blacker than mine,” he pats my cheek and I am shivering. “Let my brother go!” I screamed to him and vines come from the ground, closing him.

“Nope, don’t think so,” he says when his nightmare horses approach me. “Good night princess, when the transformation is complete-,” he touches my only brown strand of hair, “-then you’re mine and you won’t even know that you were once a Frost.” He smiles and turns his back at me, walking away.

Betrayal. It tastes bitter in my mouth, I trusted him. I wanted to be his friend, help him to be good. Instead he used me. “Traitor!” I screamed and he turned around. ”Sleep, have sweet little nightmares,” he grinned when a cloud of black sand hit me. It threw me against the wall and I hit my head.

When I woke up I felt dizzy. I noticed that I am in a small, dark room that is most likely locked. I saw the door and ran to it and while I hit my fists against it I yelled, “Let me go you awful monster!” Unfortunately I myself felt like a monster now. The prophecy of me was repeating on my head over and over again. I could be wonderful since I am life but I can take a life. Choices made us who we are and perhaps I have done the wrong ones. Maybe it was too late for me.

I got startled suddenly. “That won’t be any good,” I heard a voice from the darkest corner of the room. I look towards it. “W-who is it?” I whispered and a figure was coming out from the shadows. “Some people call me Father Time but you may call me Jonathan,” the man offered me his hand. He pulled me up and I saw his face now.

I cocked my eyebrow when  I saw him. “Umm.. Sorry for being rude but.. Aren’t you a little too young to be Father Time?” He smiles, “I hear that a lot. I see that you got caught also by the boogeyman?” I nod to him. Where in the heck is the white beard?

POV Jack

“ELSA!” I woke up screaming. Tooth holds me down, ”Calm down Jack.” She smiled to me. ”W-what happened?” I sit on the sofa that I was placed on. My body is aching.

I moan in pain, “How do I feel like that I have been pierced with blades!” Tooth looks sad. Now I really feel even worse. “W-what is wrong?” I asked from her even though I wasn’t sure if I want to know.

“It was Pitch. He has Elsa,” Tooth said while her hand was gently placed on my shoulder. My eyes wander around the room, looking at the guardians. I am panting, my head feels dizzy because of my breathing. “H-how?” I managed to exhale.

North takes a chair out and sits in front of me. “He cornered you but you fought bravely Jack. You couldn’t have done more! And we will find her and Emma!” I see how Tooth glares at North and Sandy elbows him. “Emma!” I gasp, “What are you saying about my daughter?” My chin is quivering.

North sighs, “Pitch has turned her on his side, she attacked Jackie and-.” I jumped up and I used the wind to quickly carry me to Jackie’s bedroom. This was too much. He must at least be alright. I slammed the door open.

“No,” I whispered and I fell to my knees. My head rested against my staff. Guardians ran to me and Sandy took crying Belle in his arms. He did some dream sand characters which amused Belle. “No,” I whispered again and Tooth came to hug me. “Jackie has gone. After him. I know it,” I exhaled.

North slapped me on my back, ”Cheer up, he might have gone to Arendelle. And if he is not, then we will find him like everyone else on your family.” I look to my right and I smile faintly. I have the support of the Guardians. However I still feel uncertain. It is my family we are talking about. I am holding my aching side, when I watch outside from the window. “I will always find you Elsa, always. I will find you all,” I whisper when I watch towards the stars.


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Emma's heart is filling in by darkness. Poor Emma :(. And Jack who has lost almost everyone in his family!

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