4 The Solar Eclipse

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POV Belle

It’s like my core is burning up as I woke up into the intense pain. It made me throw up over the edge of my bed and my feet were trembling when I got up. I’m feeling the heat trying to force itself out from me.

I go to bathroom and I watch into mirror. My eyes are circled by pink shade and I’m all sweaty. My hair is sticking against my head as I open up the tap.

I gasped when I saw the metallic tap melting away. First it got vivid red and then I see the metal melting down the train and water sprays towards the ceiling. The drops that landed on my skin vaporized as steam from me.

“N-no,” I whispered as I walked backwards.

My head felt like it would explode right now. I ran to front door and when I touched the handle it started to blacken into charcoal. I gasped as it started to flame up.

“I can’t hold it back m-much longer,” I mumbled as I got outside.

I sighed and let flames flow out from my hand. It eased my pain, when I was able to let some of my power out.

I glance at the sun. “Sun.. why do I have to go through this?” I whispered. I knew that my power was unique, it comes from the sun and not from the moon like other Guardians have.

I look at the red flame that’s playing in my hand. The flame that’s alive but dead, it can help to create and destroy life. So beautiful and deadly.

I sighed and I tried to get the flames to go off.

It didn’t work. I watch in horror the flame that’s increasing.

“I.. I don’t want this power anymore,” I cried to the morning sun that was smiling at the sky. Instead of the fire to go away, it just spread from my hand, slowly licking its way up on my arm.

I screamed when the flames increased more and more. I tried to wave my hand but it didn’t help. I see trees and grass burn to ashes around me, I look back and I see my comfy log cabin being in flames.

Everything is burning. The flame is swallowing my body. “HELP,” I screamed and then I feel the flame going up on my neck. It went up and it lit my hair, slowly spreading towards my face.

I just hear the roaring flames. My eyesight is being covered by the fire that’s now covering me fully. I cried out loud, falling to my knees and covering my head.

It’s too late now. My tears are turning into steam as I cry and I stare at the sun that’s almost like laughing at me and my desperation.

I’ve lost control and my flames have made the whole forest burn. The fire is spreading and going towards Arendelle.

Whole world will burn.

POV Elsa

We all gathered at the North Pole. It was time to discuss about our findings regarding of the increased amount of nightmares going around the world.

Only ones missing were Jackson and Belle but we decided to hold the meeting in any case.

“Has anyone found out anything useful?” Jack asked and I took a hold from his hand. He laced his fingers with mine and glanced at me gratefully. Knowing that Pitch might be back was hard on him. Sometimes he had nightmares even though the horses weren’t near him. He was afraid that he might turn evil again like he once did because of the nightmare sands poison.

“Sorry mate, nothing,” Bunny said and spread his arms.

“Yes. There’s absolutely nothing else than the horses galloping around the globe and causing children bad dreams,” North sighs and then he rubbed his belly.

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