25 Family is the Best

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POV Fern

Last night I got home late and now it is Christmas morning. Slowly I rose up from the bed and wrap my blanket around my body. This morning is a bit chilly and I got dressed up quickly. My hair is such a mess when I stare at my reflection from my bathroom mirror.

With a yawn I reached to my comb and start to brush my hair. I had to blink twice and then I gulped loudly. My left hand is shaking when I lifted my hand in front of my face. My eyes got wild and I hold my breath when I stared at the ice crystal ring in my left hand on my ring finger.

Then I slowly remember how I promised to marry him. Oh god, what have I done? My heart is getting crazy and I’m feeling a bit dizzy.  I can’t marry the king of Arendelle. I’m not good enough for being a royal.

Just when I was about to pull the ring off I heard a gentle knock on my window. My legs felt numb when I went to open up the window. Jackson was there and he waves his hand while grinning. I took a deep breath, getting ready to cancel it all when he flew inside.

“Hey,” he whispered and then placed his arms around my waist. I winced a bit when he embraced me and then kissed me. Slowly my heartbeat got more steady and I placed my arms over his shoulders. “How is the love of my life doing?” He whispered and caused me to feel chills on my spine.

“B-better when you’re here,” I whispered and he kissed me to my neck and swayed me a bit. “Have you told about it to your mother?” Jackson smiled and I shook my head.

His fingers laced up with mine, “I can do it with you.” I nodded my head and thanked him. He opened up the door for me and treated me like a lady which made my cheeks blush.

When we got downstairs my mother came to us. “Good morning sweetie,” my mother said when she saw me. “Oh,  I see that you’re with your friend, the king, again,” mum smiled warmly and I glance at Jackson who nodded his head.

“Mom, we have something to tell you,” I whispered and then my mother’s eyes widened and she immediately looked at my left hand. “Oh my god! Fern!” Mother squealed and run to hug us both. I could hear Jackson laughing warmly.

“Calm down mom,” I chuckled as she let go. “Finally! Young King, it sure took you a while,” my mother curtsied Jackson who blushed a bit but smiled. “I’m sorry about that, I was lost for a long time until she showed me the way life could be,” Jackson smiled slyly and glanced at me.

My cheeks blushed and I played with my dresses fabric shyly. “Does ice power run in the family?” My mother asked suddenly and I startled. “Umm.. Man in the Moon told me that my first child will inherit it. I hope that it doesn’t bother you?” Jackson said and looks at me.

A child with ice and snow powers like Jackson has? Well, I didn’t except a normal family when I said yes. I mean his whole family is some immortal Guardians so why not a baby with winter powers. “Yes, it is fine,” I said with a bit high voice and I smiled nervously. Jackson took my hand and kissed it.

“Could I borrow your daughter for this Christmas day?” Jackson asked politely from my mother who nodded. “Sure, now I can go and meet my friend,” she smiled. “Mom!” I gasped because I knew that she was going to meet her new male friend who I think is her boyfriend. She has been with him ever since dad left us. Mom grinned and went to kitchen.

I glance at Jackson, “So now to see your family?” He nodded, “Yup. Just to let you know, I’m an uncle now.” He winked his eye. “Emma has her baby?” I gulped and he nodded. “Yeah, I saw him yesterday,” Jackson grinned and lifted me up in his arms. He walked upstairs to my room.

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