Merry Jelsa Christmas!

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Hello My Wonderful Readers!

Just before starting off my words for you.. yes, that’s me on that video *waves hand* . I’m not fancy looking or a good English speaker but I wanted to say something to you guys. At 2:15 min there starts to come some Jelsa pictures,YAY! Please don't share the video.

Now something to say to you guys.

Today I witnessed a real blizzard, sometimes it’s hard to see through the storm but there’s always a gap between the single flakes of snow.

Things may be piling up, making it hard to see through but eventually you’ll dig yourself out when the storm has paused. That’s how I feel, my life has been so messed up in many ways, being a full emotional roller coaster.

Now I hope that I shall find my way through the storm.

I also want to remind you that after every storm the world shows it’s beauty. Nothing is more calming and beautiful than looking at the snowy landscape.

With these words I would like to wish you guys Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I’m also working on new updates. They’re coming ASAP!

PS. Finland has more cities than what the map is showing.. lol

PPS. Same message goes to my every book.

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