23 The Ceremony

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POV Jack

Her deep blue eyes were looking directly at me. Everything North said sounded blurry, her eyes captured me and I felt little nervous. I promised to love and cherish her for as long as I live. I promised to protect her and be there for her. She promised me similar things and we said yes when North asked if we would want to marry each other. Then we kissed each other for the first time as married couple.

“I hearby pronounce you as husband and wife! Have a happy eternity Mr. and Mrs. Frost.” North announced to everyone in the crowd. We went to other room where the wedding venue would start soon. She was beautiful in her dress. My Mrs. Frost was quite radiant she had her hands crossed over her belly and then she glanced at me. “What are you staring at Jack?” She asked me with a smirk.

“Well. You look perfect Mrs. Frost.” I couldn’t stop myself from saying that out loud. She was laughing and I started to look at her once more.

Her laughter went louder. “Stop daydreaming silly! Everyone arrives here in any second.” A huge lump of snow fell over me and Elsa was laughing still.

“I’m going to avenge this for sure!” I threatened while laughing. She had definitely got my attention back to this moment right now. “No you won’t, I’m pregnant you know!” She gently poked my nose with her finger.

“Uh.. I’m going to hear that excuse for while now, aren’t I ?” I was trying to look beaten. “Yes you will Jack Frost. You put me in this situation if you don’t remember!” She showed her tongue to me.

I lifted her in my arms. “I’m happy that I did but I remember that it was mostly you who wanted it?” I grinned and she had blood running on her cheeks.

“Well, maybe… however it needs the two of us!” She stated when she jumped back to floor. “You know that I’ve never been this happy before? Right?” I smiled and kissed her on the hand. She nodded while the doors opened and the guests were coming in.

Next few hours went by seeing people and greeting them. It felt odd but at least I knew that I wouldn’t be the king ever. I felt a little bad for Elsa because she was enjoying herself with her people. She can’t be the queen for long anymore. Her hands took my hands and she insisted that we would dance.

“Let’s do it my way then” I smirked and did ourselves iceskates which would be perfect in the ice floor. We danced on ice until she needed to rest. Finally the celebration was over and I took her back to her castle.

Our wedding night went by and we just talked the whole night. I mean it would be weird to do it otherwise when she is expecting. She was ok with this.

Next month was quite interesting. The reporters had noticed her belly and made headlines out of it. First it was a scandal but after a week it was a nice thing to have a prince or princess to country. Then they were shocked that I didn’t take the position as a king. After that it was all about the baby’s gender. Sometimes they wished for a prince and then princess. I think that people are weird when they cant make up their minds! Well, I’m happy that they really wait for the baby now and they’ve somehow accepted that I’m only Jack Frost and married to Elsa Frost who also is the queen at the moment.

I laughed myself when I pictured in my mind what kind of headlines would come if they knew that one day Elsa wouldn’t be the queen anymore. Then Anna will take the throne. She didn’t take it easily either and she wished that our baby would get a royal position in the family. I jumped to other fence between my thoughts, I like to walk on fences when I need to figure things out.

Pitch was still worrying me. It has been while since I fought his nightmare horses in Arendelle. Still I’m afraid that he might show up. I don’t care what happens to me but my family is a different story. I sat on the fence and throw my staff from hand to hand.

“Well, I guess I won’t go anywhere if it isn’t absolutely necessary.” I let the wind lift me and I flew through town back to the castle. I hugged Elsa and said that I would stay the whole time until the baby has come. No duties for me until that!

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