12 The Nightmares

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POV Elsa

“Jackie, come to your senses. Listen to your mum for once. Please!” I pet my son’s cheek as he lays on the ground, bleeding to death. Jackie shakes his head, “S-sorry, I think that I won’t see the next day.” I am sobbing and I try to get the bleeding to stop.

“S-stop it mum. There is n-nothing you can d-do,” Jackie whispers and smiles widely. “I am s-sorry for w-what I s-said,” tears ran on his cheeks and he coughs. Some blood is now even on his cheeks. He coughed out some blood again. I am panting. “Don’t panic mum,” Jackie chuckled.

My powers are returning to me finally. The room starts to freeze and my body glows in the shade of ice blue. “I will get you out,” I whisper to Jackie just before he faints. My heart is aching when I use my powers  to hit on the wall constantly. Normal hits won’t work.

I fell to my knees and I stare at the obstacle that makes it sure that we won’t get out. Maybe a duo? I touch the wall and it freezes solid, it shimmers in nightmarish way when the black surface is covered with beautiful frost. Then I created ice spikes that I pushed through. The wall shatters in front of me. I glance over my shoulder and I see Jackie still breathing. How do I get him out from here?

Someone is walking at the corridors or most likely running. It is a man who runs here. “Oh god! We need a wall!” He is breathing shallow and I look at him in misbelieve. “Oh hello Guardian of Caring, pleased to meet you. Mind freezing the wall back?” He smiled to me nervously. “W-why?” I exhaled.

“Well. Your daughter is sort of going berserk and I am running away. Name is Jonathan by the way,” he said while pointing outside. A girl was approaching us, some black vines were running on the wall beside of her, slowly lurking their way towards us. Her skin was almost grayish, her hair was black as well as her eyes. “Is that E-Emma?” I gasped and my body started to shiver.

Jonathan nodded, “Yea. Pitch turned her heart black and cold.” I try to hold my tears while I watch at Emma who’s grin is evil and she isn’t her normal self. “Emma, please,” I try to reach out for her but Jonathan pulls me back just before a vine wraps around me. “She isn’t Emma anymore!” Jonathan exhales as he pulls me back.

“No! Emma!” I scream but then I fall down with Jonathan, we tripped on a vine that had made its way behind of us. Now I see where the vine was going at. My heart skipped beats when the vine was wrapping around of Jackie. Jackie made a muffled sound when the vine tightened around him.

Emma started to speak, “Happiness, take happiness away. Death is what they deserve.” Her voice was hallow and cold. My hand goes over my mouth, I feel sick to my stomach. My kids are gone, why wasn’t I a good mother to them? “Take a unworthy life away, clear the world from filth,” Emma laughs and waves her hand, the vine starts to strangle Jackie who is coughing. “No!” I scream and ran to Emma, I embrace her. “Please come back to us,” I cry and rub my cheek against her head.

“Foolish woman,” Emma hissed and something wraps on my angle, it throws me against a wall. Jonathan runs to me and helps me up, “She lost it, we need to run!” I shake my head to him. “No, I  won’t abandon my children!” I stomp my feet on the ground and the vine around Jackie freezes and shatters  to ice crystals.

POV Jack

“This way!”  I yell to other Guardians who are following me. We are flying through the air, I am lending the power of the wind and they are flying with North’s sleigh. We noticed darkness and nightmares focusing on the mountains near Arendelle. There they must be, my family. Sandy stayed behind to protect the North Pole and my youngest daughter Belle from Pitch and his nightmares.

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