4 Laughing Maniac

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POV Elsa

Jackie blows away the birthday candles from his seventeenth year old cake. He still doesn’t come to live with us and Emma was the one who finally convinced him to come. In silence he ate his chocolate cake piece that Emma had baked. ”Good,” he said to Emma shortly.

I was glancing at Jack who did the same to me. “Uh, Jackie?” I spoke to my son who lifted his eyes from his cake. His brown eyes stared at me with empty look and he hums a response. I sighed, “We got this for you.” I hand him the present but he just lets it sit on the table.

“Thank you for the cake,” he speaks to Emma as he rises from the table. The chair’s legs scratch the ice floor. He is leaving again, like he does whenever Emma gets him to come here to eat something that she has cooked. He cannot stand me and Jack near him.

I swallow the lump from my throat as I watch after him. Never did I imagine that our happy and loving son would actually feel like this inside of him. For months he has refused to come home. Jack says that he needs space and he loves us anyway.

The present is still laying on the table when the door clasps closed. “I can take it to him this night,” Emma smiles to us. Jack messes her hair and laughs, ”Sure you can sweetheart but let him to cool down at first.” Emma went to upstairs and carried the present with her.

“He hates us,” I exhaled when Emma left. Jack chuckled, ”No. He is just thinking things through and when he is ready we can sort things out with him. Trust me.” Jack opens his arms as an invitation for me to snuggle in his hoodie. I let my face touch his chest and breathe in his fresh scent. It calms me like it always does.

POV Jackie

Birthday. Cake. Family time. So much pretending! ”Why can’t I be normal!” I yell to Man in the Moon while I watch at the night sky. He isn’t responding to me. ”Let me be normal human!” I yell again and made a snow ball between my hands. With help of my wind it flies high and far towards the moon. “Well how about a full guardian?” I yell to air and feel sarcastic.

Just the wind is responding and I fell to my knees on the snow. Why I cannot make my choice already? I should have the opportunity to do it like Manny promised to Elsa. I look at the stars, year from now I will be 18 and my physical aging stops. Everyone grows old around me except my family. A whole eternity with my dreadful family makes my chest hurt. Emma is alright and uncle North,Bunny and Sandy plus Tooth except when she tries to dive into my mouth. I exhale, my parents on the other hand.  I try to hold my crying heart from bleeding out but a loud scream escapes from my lips, “They don’t understand anything!”

A blast of ice shots from me, powder snow floats in air afterwards. Suddenly I hear clapping hands behind of me. “Wonderful, just wonderful,” a cold voice is praising me and I turn around. “What do you want?” I snap at the man in black, Pitch.

“You know that our powers would form something beautiful together?” He looks at me while grinning deviously. I look at him and I feel stunned. He offers me his hand, “What do you say boy?” I glare at him, he disgusts me more than anything.

“Why are you here?” I ask from him, how was he able to get to the North Pole unnoticed? He laughs to me coldly, watching me with his narcissistic look. ”Just reaching to opportunities,” he plays with words and is walking around me.

“Join me,” he stops and stares at me. I stand up and continue glaring at him. I grin to him and hand my hand to him, I cock my eyebrow as he reaches to my hand. “Hah! No way you idiot!” Quickly I pull my hand back and place my hands together. I am gathering the force of winter from around me. My hands glow blue when the wind storms around us and the slowly floating snowflakes are now turning more into a blizzard.

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