37 Honor the Memory of Fun

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POV Elsa

Jack was gone. That was the only thing in my head. I slightly remember how the other Guardians came to me short after everything. However that memory is blurry, like you would hear people talk while you’re under water or try to see through a piece of dark fabric. Dark…black.. Pitch made my Jack to turn against us.

Now I realize Anna’s hand on my shoulder. She tells me that not every bit of hope is lost. The Guardians seem to agree with her and even Bunnymund seems to think that way. They tell me that if anyone could bring back Jack it would be us, the Guardians. They say that the odds are on our side since they have me. Even though they cheered me up I wasn’t that confident. What if I fail?

The next month went by with me hardly living. I was a body that just went on living while my heart stopped.  Anna took care of Jackson in the mean time. I just needed to look out for Jack. Other Guardians were helping out too since they missed Jack also. We needed to find him.

Our search, my search seemed hopeless. There was no sign of Pitch or Jack.. just that black ice that was spreading around the world. It was a type of ice that I couldn’t thaw. We assumed that Pitch had done it and North was suspecting that Jack was used to do it. Jack was spreading fear since everything froze in lands, cars didn’t move and people were freezing at their homes.  That ice was darker than black and was making even me scared of it.

I was sitting at North’s workshop. We were again trying to get some hints about Pitch.. or Jack. Others were making plans, they have done it every day during this long month. I could care less as I lean my head on my hand. Jack was the only thing on my mind. Tooth came to me and hugged me and told me that everything will be alright soon.

Suddenly North yelled at us, that we should come immediately at the gigantic Earth Globe. When I saw it my first reaction was misbelieve. The globe was starting to freeze. Even Bunny was staring at it like it was the end of world. My world was ending since I now knew that Pitch is making Jack to do that. They were freezing a place near Arendelle in black ice.

Without saying a word we all packed up in North’s sleigh. The trip was fast as usual and we all knew without speaking that we needed to go that location as fast as possible. Everyone was doing their own things during the trip. North tried to make the reindeer travel faster. Bunny was holding his boomerang and Tooth was holding a golden tube. I recognized it. She had brought Jack’s teeth with her, those that hold his memories from his childhood.

Soon we arrived to a forest near Arendelle. Bunny defeated some nightmare horses together with Sandy. Sandy used his dream sand whips to get the black sand back to normal. Bunny sat on Sandy’s dream sand ray and throw his boomerang again and again. They cleared the space to us.

Then we saw Pitch. His hands were behind of his back as he walked next to a person with black hair. He was laughing sounding too happy about the situation where that person froze the ground by hitting it with staff. When the person hit a tree with the staff we were close enough to notice that it was Jack. Jack had deep black hair color and the darkest eyes you could imagine, his crystal blue eyes were now replaced with black eyes.

Seeing Jack made my heart beat again. It was painful since he wasn’t his usual self, the Jack that I know. This feeling of heartbroken was better than not feeling at all. The one month of holding back emotions came to stop. Again the desperation and then anger filled me.

“Jack!” I screamed and Pitch turned around to face us. Other guardians were next to me, ready to fight. “Oh, it is you Elsa.” Pitch grinned. ” Sorry but you cannot have Jack back. He is too good in being evil. Show them what you’ve got.”

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