9 All For Nothing

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POV Elsa

The room where I am waking up is dark and damp. My hands are covered by metal, cuffing them together. This reminds me of the times when Hans trapped me and when Pitch used me against Jack. This time I won’t let it happen.

I am trying to pull myself free from the chains but they’re tightly planted in the wall. My leg hurts and I see that it has a deep cut. It will heal soon since guardians that are believed in get power from magic, it helps us to heal faster. “How did I end up here?” I say to myself.

My head hurts and I sat down on the floor. Images are rushing into my mind, how we left our children at home when we went to do our guardian work, me and Jack. “No!” I yell and I stood up. Jack was with me when we got ambushed. I look around me and I don’t see him, I am alone. I am panting, am I the only one taken by Pitch or is he? Is he?

I cry aloud, “He can’t be dead.” He was hit by Pitch and the memory makes my soul ache. I fell to ground and I pull my legs close to my chest, I cry against my knees when the door opens. “Finally awake Mrs. Frost,” Pitch walks inside and I glare at him. “Where is my Jack?” I yell to him with my breaking voice.

Pitch laughs to me, laughs to my misery. “He ain’t dead,” he smiles to me in a creepy way, “- but he soon will be when people stop believing in him. He can’t be the fun if he feels the pain of loss.” Pitch is looking at me and chuckles. “What have you done!” I exhale. ”I have you and your eldest daughter,” Pitch laughs in evil way. “Without you he can’t bring the fun and that means him becoming  weaker, then I can kill him for good,” he touches my hair before he leaves.

“I need to get away from here!” I say to myself as I am trying to get away. He also has our Emma, I need to find her and go back to home with her. Suddenly the door slams open, “Oh, one more thing.” It is Pitch.

I back against the wall when I see him doing a black bow from black sand and right after that he does an arrow. “W-what are you doing?” I exhale and he laughs. ”This will keep your mind off from escaping,” he says when he aims at me. I feel how the arrow hits me on my abdomen, piercing me and I feel powerless.

“It won’t kill you but it paralyzes you,” Pitch kneeled next to me. “Have some fun,” he said sarcastically when he patted my cheek. “Don’t touch me,” I hiss to him when I hold the spot where the arrow pierced me. “You don’t like to be touched?” Pitch chuckled, “Your husband would have given almost everything back then, to be seen and noticed. Now I took that all away from him.”

The door slammed shut after him. My eyes feel heavy and I fell asleep on the cold floor. The pain is enormous, even coming to my sleep. It is frightening, devouring my soul.

POV Jackie

“We need to find mum and Emma!” I yell to the guardians. “Hush, calm down,” Tooth hugs me. “We mustn’t wake up Jack. He is still feeling powerless after the beating and unconscious. When he wakes up then-,” I sighed in frustration to Tooth. “It could take forever for him to wake up and we need to find them!”

Everyone shook their heads, they didn’t listen to me. “Jackie, let us handle this we are guardians after all,” North said to me which made me yell in anger. “Fine! Don’t take my help. Geez! Would be a lot easier Manny if you would let me be a guardian!” I looked up towards the moon from ceiling window.

I storm outside and I let the cool winter air fill my lungs. “This is something that I need to handle myself,” I whisper as I walk to my old home, the ice castle. It is empty inside, just my voice echoing. No one is at home but it can’t be helped, my mother is kidnapped, sister is brainwashed and other one is sleeping in crib with Sandy watching over her. Oh yeah and my dad is fighting for his life. No wonder that it is silent, geez.

Quickly I fly upstairs, now there is no one nagging to me about using wind inside. Mum isn’t here. I let my wind blast me forward, making the ice walls crack because of its power. I am at Emma’s bedroom door and I slam it open. Now I just need to find any information where she might have gone with that awful Pitch, I mean she has done research about him.

“Some clues, some clues.. Please, anything,” I whisper to myself when I go through Emma’s things. “Finally!” I found map that was taped under her bed. “But, this is..” I look at the map and I see a cave that is near Arendelle. “So he had been there all along,” I hiss as I stuff the map on my pocket.

The wind took me fast to that location, I stayed alerted when I reached the cave. Slowly I walked inside and I saw how the inside of the cave opened into wide space. There was a miniature looking black stone castle but when I went close I noticed that it had been made from nightmare sand. I touched the surface and nightmares run into my mind. I gasped and let go from it.

“Hello Jackie,” a voice chirped from behind of me. It was Emma. “Hey! We need to find mum and get out!” I said to her and grabbed her arm. She kept on smiling and I saw her dress being black as night. “E-Emma?” I said in uncertain way while I stared at her.

She giggled, “Good to have you here to visit us. My friend has been waiting for you,” she said when she pushed me against the black castle. Vines broke through ground and tied me. “Pitch says that you would like to go to guestroom before dinner so see you soon dear brother,” she smiled and I saw how her eyes were mindless. “Snap out from it Emma!” I yelled to her and a voice of moving sand made me glance up. The wall opened from up me. I quickly glance at Emma, “See you.” She said pointing up with her right front finger.

I feel how the vines lift me up and throw me inside from the opening in the wall. Then the wall gets closed up again. The room is so dark that it takes time for my eyes to get used to it. I saw a figure laying on the ground. I blink my eyes few times until my eyes start to see. “M-mum?” I exhaled and I crawled to her. She was hurt. I try to pull the arrow out from her but I can’t, my touch doesn’t make the nightmare sand back to dream sand like guardians does. Why I must be so useless? I have tried everything, I have tried to survive and be the best big brother that my dad asked me to be. Maybe I am useless? I mean, Manny doesn’t let me be either human or guardian. I am fit for nothing. Being born was my first mistake in life, it was just a start.


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Some mysteries are unveiling in Hogwarts seven years after Elsa Arendelle started to learn magic. She gets help from her friends Merida of DunBroch and Rapunzel Corona when strange things start to occur in her school grounds. Elsa's sister Anna won't want to miss a thing either.

Unfortunately girls need some aid from three guys Flynn Rider, Hiccup Haddock and Kristoff. However the most precious and valuable aid comes from Elsa's worst enemy at school who carries the name of Jack Frost the troublemaker. Soon Elsa finds out that there is something rather strange about him also.

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