See me, feel me ( JELSA ) - The Introduction

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One summer day Jack was fooling around in the mountains during his free time. Jack is the Guardian of Fun and Spirit of Winter. Near these mountains was the kingdom of Arendelle. In Arendelle something caught his attention.

He sees Elsa who also controls ice and snow like Jack but she can also find a way to melt the ice. Manny had made a mistake when Jack was created and soon Jack needs Elsa's help. Will Elsa be able to help Jack and stop his heart from turning him into ice?

Their fates were now tangled and Elsa could be a key to something important.


The Cover is made by @tragicallyinlove . Thank You!

Story is mostly from Jack's point of view. Sometimes there is a narrator telling the story or it is told in a point of view of another character.


This is a fanfiction about Elsa (Frozen) and Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians). This is for all JELSA shippers! I do not own the characters they just make the story possible.

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