6 First Meeting

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POV Jack

I watched her again. This girl I saw six years ago was in her room. As she always was after the accident that happened to her playcompanion almost six years ago. She blamed herself.

I leaned to a bookshelf with a thinking look on my face as my eyes looked her sitting on a sturdy wooden chair and writing something and checking something from a book. She wore gloves which amused me a little. She wanted to seal her powers. What a weird thought.

My thoughts started to wonder when her hair slides to side and exposed her neck. Her skin is pale as mine, her platinum blonde hair looks thick and is on french braiders. I picture her heartshaped face in front of me, her rosy lips and deep blue eyes. Even though I think that green dress isn’t exactly the right color for her.

Brrr… I shaked my head  from side to side which stopped my daydreaming and leaning into my staff. What am I thinking? I leaned to the huge shelf that was behind of me. It had lots of books. I’m a guardian and not a human boy who thinks this way I reasoned to my self.

Anyway what is she really doing every day? What am I doing here all the time watching her? She hasn’t done any tricks with ice for….

My sight blackened and the next thing I know I was on the floor knealing and grasping my hoodie while exhaling for air. Why do I have to go through this pain. It becomes more often these days…

Another pain pierced my chest and I accidentally knocked some books from the shelf. She turned watching towards me. For one moment I thought that, maybe..

But no. She walked towards me with a smile and straigh through me and got one of the books that had fallen.

She was smiling wider which startled me. “ I remember this, my favorite story!” She picked the book from the floor and went back to the chair and watched first page of the book. I tried to see what book it was but it was pointless. I couldn’t read. I sighed.

 “ Why won’t you do anything F-U-N. I mean ever.” I said sounding bored and at the same time disappointed. My eyes were rolling. Same time I was putting my weight over my staff.

“W-Who’s there?” She turned stiff and stopped looking at the book.

I was just about to leave when I heard her question. I looked around me and didn’t see anyone. There wasn’t anyone else in the room, just us. I was confused. Big time.

“ Who is there! Answer me!” She said this time sounding more serious than before. Even though she didn’t try to look at me.

Maybe, maybe… just MAYBE she can hear me.

“ You can hear me?” I asked sounding uncertain and curiosity was all over my face. My both hands had a tight grip from my staff and my fingers moved eagerly on it’s surface. I was moving towards her slowly.

The small moment of silence was almost touchable. Maybe I got my hopes high too fast..

“Of course I can hear you! “ She almost screamed with confusion in her voice.

“ Who are you?” She asked.

“Well I..” I didn’t have time to response before she toss me a lot of questions.

How did you get here pass the guards? Are you here to assassinate me? What do you want?

I sighed. I guess I will show her, it is a lot easier. I was now standing behind her, she was still sitting on her chair.

I bended closer to her and hold my staff on right hand and then  I moved my left hand in front of her. I was smiling while I started to make small rain of snow in front of her eyes.

I was thinking that I was doing ok. Then everything happened too fast even for me who knows how to predict things and trusts his instincts. Maybe I was getting old?

I saw that she was frightened. She jumped in the way that she and the chair fell on top  of me. My head hit the ground and everything went to blurr and then I saw just blackness.

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