26 The Baby is Coming

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POV Jack

Wind was taking me to North Pole. I felt annoyed that I had to go to a meeting with other Guardians just not.

The wind blasted the doors open so I could enter. Snow was coming inside from the door.

Easter Kangaroo was near the doors and started to shiver from cold. “Oh, it’s Jack. Trying to FREEZE EVERYTHING?” He tried to make himself feel warmer by rubbing his shoulders with his hands while talking. I closed the door and tried to ignore his annoying tone in voice.

“There would better be a REALLY good explanation why I needed to come here. I mean the baby will be born in these days and you forced me to leave Elsa alone!”

A huge hand was placed on my back from behind of me. “We are sorry Jack. This meeting will be over soon so you can go home for the night. “ North sighed and my annoyance was starting to wear off.

“Please sit with others around the table and have some hot chocolate with everybody!” North was pointing at a table where Tooth and Sandy already were sitting. I chose to sit next to Sandy and Tooth was sitting on the other side of the table.

Sandy hit me with his elbow to get my attention. Over his head he made a baby appear from sand and quickly after that came a question mark. “Not yet Sandy.. However I feel that baby will born soon.” I smiled and Sandy looked excited.

”So what was so urgent that Manny needed us all here?” I lifted my eyebrow and looked at North.

“It is Pitch.” He said and my nervousness was building up. “He is moving again.”

“Where?” I hissed between my teeth. North was playing with a napkin and seeming uncertain.

Then he finally started to speak. Other guardians were staring at me and had worried expression. “He has been spotted on the other side of the mountain that is near Arendelle. “ He glanced at me and I felt shocked.

“And you made me come here!” I jumped up from my chair and was starting to leave. Then bunny pulled me back to sit. “Calm down frosty. Listen everything he has to say.” His hand or paw you could say was holding me down so I couldn’t leave.

Sandy was nodding and Tooth tried to smile so I would calm down. “Make it quick North.” I stated and crossed my hands in front of my body.

“He hasn’t been in Arendelle. However we should find out why he is there. “ He smiled. “After the baby is born Jack.” I started to relax a little even though I still felt worried. I mean what if he decides to go to Arendelle?

“We need a plan.” Kangaroo started to talk. Sandy made a ton of signs, possible battle plans I guess. Tooth had brought baby Tooth with her. Baby Tooth was seeming anxious to take revenge on Pitch. I can’t blame her because she got hurt because of Pitch few years ago.

We talked for hours until the sky was getting darker. Before I left North gave me the wooden piece for the rattle. It reminded my staff in miniature and it had snowflake carvings. I finished it by making a translucent ball from ice in the G-end of the miniature staff. I managed to make it so it would make a nice voice when baby would wave it. The ice ball part had frosty designs including snowflakes. I felt quite satisfied to baby’s rattle. “Nice finishing Jack.” North slapped me on my back and was smiling and I responded with  a laugh. “Thanks North. I hope the baby likes it. ”

Soon after that I was leaving back to Arendelle.  Other guardians would follow after few days because they need to some preparations before. It was September but Tooth and Sandy were busy every night of the year. North and Bunny needed to do their gifts for long time before their actual working day would come. I waved my hand as a goodbye for them and step outside so bunny wouldn’t get annoyed by my cold winds.

The wind took me back to Arendelle fast. When I was traveling the moon showed me a sign. I knew that there was something wrong with Elsa. My speed was faster than ever before but the trip felt like ages despite of that.

Quickly I flew inside of our bedroom window. Elsa was laying on our bed. “Is something wrong Elsa?” My voice was worried even though I tried to conceal it.

“Jack! Please help.. it hurts so much.” She sounded like being in agony for some time before I came. I kneeled on the floor next to her and took her hand in mine. When I touched her forehead it felt cold and sweaty.

“What is wrong?” I looked into her terrified eyes. ”There is something wrong Jack. The baby is coming and something is wrong..I..I couldn’t get help..it hurts so much Jack! I can’t move.” She was crying and screamed a little.

I tried to swallow the feeling of a huge lump in my throat. My heart felt like someone was trying to squeeze it until it crushes. “I will get the midwife. You will be fine! I will be back in no time.” I let go of her hand rushed to Anna’s room.

Anna and Kristoff woke up when I pushed the doors open and went inside their bedroom. “Please Anna! Get the midwife! Elsa is having the baby nd something is wrong!” I walked nervously while Anna jumped of from her bed.

Anna seemed upset and run to midwives guestroom. I couldn’t myself get the royal midwife because she can’t see me. She didn’t believe in me. Me, Kristoff, Anna and midwife walked towards bedroom where Elsa was in pain. Anna was telling me that everything has to be fine and we shouldn’t worry.

Kristoff didn’t enter to bedroom after me, Anna and midwife. Elsa was still laying in the bed and breathing fast.

Midwife didn’t spoke because she started right away to prepare things for the labour. She checked Elsa also. I felt shocked to see Elsa in so much pain and I couldn’t help her. She constantly asked the midwife if the baby is ok.

Midwife assured her that everything will go fine. I went next to the bed and touched her shoulder. Then she looked at me with sad eyes.

Suddenly Elsa screamed words that I didn’t wish to hear. “Please go away. I don’t want you here. ” She was looking directly at me. Midwife looked confused because the place where I was standing looked empty to her.

Anna laughed nervously and smiled. “ It’s a family thing. Our mum saw and heard things when she was expecting. I guess.” Midwife smiled and told her that she should go outside at the moment.

Anna pulled me away and on our way outside the room I told Elsa that she shouldn’t be afraid and I that I loved her. Before the doors shut I saw her with a small smile. She formed “I love you” with her mouth without speaking the words aloud.

Waiting felt terrible. I just walked and walked behind the door. The floor would have a hole in it if I continue this for too long. I glanced at Anna and saw her still sitting on that wooden chair and just staring at the floor. She sat on that spot right after we left the room when the midwife told her to go. Kristoff had placed his hands over her shoulders and being quiet.

Everyone was just waiting for the news and listening the distant screams of pain from the bedroom. Elsa was having it hard and sadness and worry filled my heart.

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