16 Breaking the News

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POV Jack

When I woke up I was in the castle and Anna looked me in a funny way. “Congratulations!” She said smiling happily when I was regaining consciousness.

“Wait, what.. What are you talking about! I need to go after Elsa!” Annas smile freeze.. “ Oh, her feelings got over her again?”

“Yes” I yelled and flew as fast as I could to her hideout, the ice castle.

At the castle I went slowly inside and heard her sobbing. In my heart I felt bad. She was in a corner her hands wrapped around her knees and her head pushed downwards. I stepped forward and she heard it.

She jumped up. “I warn you Jack Frost, I might hurt you if you come closer”. She looked scared.

“Elsa, you couldn’t hurt me” I laughed stepping forward. “ I just don’t understand , explain me please what did I do wrong?“ I look around me, almost if I sense that here is someone else besides us.

POV Elsa

Jack is looking as confused as ever before me. He just practically told me that he doesn’t want a family. I touched my belly  with a reflex after the baby came to my mind.

POV Jack

“Please, Elsa.. speak to me!” I’m starting to sound desperate. I notice her keeping her hand on her stomach and I worry again. “ Are you feeling ill again?” When I looked at her I felt the weird presence stronger.

She might be in danger if there was someone close to her and wanted to hurt her. I walked rapidly closer to my love and she pushed herself against the wall..

Then stopped when I noticed something.. wait, wait.. two heartbeats, from inside of her? One smaller and I think that.. I stare at her belly and then her face.  She is red as hell from her face! What is going on?

She hides her hand quickly behind her and stays quiet. I start matching things together her avoiding me, asking weird questions, Anna congratulating me and the heart beat.

“ Elsa are you having a baby?” She whispered yes and cried.

POV Elsa

“With whom I may ask?” Jack looked broken and hurt.

Tears fell down on my face.. “ Jack, it is our baby.. I’m so sorry for this, you didn’t want children.” My heart felt like shattering to millions of pieces.

“Wait, what?” Jack looked amazed. “ I said that because I didn’t want to disappoint you. Are you sure it isn’t someone else’s child?” I nodded him. “ That should be impossible because I’m immortal and guardian. I’ve had time to accept that but you.. I wanted to protect you. How this would happen?” He stared at me.

“ Well. You remember the time I unfroze your heart and especially the night?” My voice was cracking.

“ Uhmm.. yes” he blushed and leaned gently to his staff having his chin top of his hands.

“ You powers were weakened, right?” I asked and he nodded.

Then I started playing with my dress. “ The child.. I mean, that night our baby got started”. I look at Jack and try to figure him out. He looks weird with his glazed look and his mouth twitching.

Suddenly he is gone, flying through the air fast. I just stare the direction where he went. Maybe he will be back or did he leave us?


What do you guys think? :) I will leave you to a cliff hanger. Muhaha..

I really loved to write about this turn of events. If you find writing typos etc. don't hesitate to tell me. 

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