A/N Reasons

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I was really doubtful about writing this but I ended up doing it since you guys deserve explanation, a reason why I am slow on updates and stuff.

A week ago I was scared for my life, first time ever. I was assaulted and couple days later again. I wont tell you the details but I actually thought that I might get killed for one point. I was afraid and yeah.. I slept a lot after those things happened, it was better than being awake.

I am doing better now, there were couple of people who I spoke about this and I love you really much. Thank you for existing, you know who u are and I won’t mention you since you know what happened. I don’t want others to know the actual stuff and worrying too much. Things are now better everyone!

Also a special thank you to @x_ElsaArendelle_x who I have roleplayed a lot recently. It is fun and cheered me up a lot without you knowing until now perhaps.

Other reason is that I have been really busy with studies. However next week I will have more time again.

Sorry for not being myself lately. *hugs everyone*

Loving ya, My Snow Storm.

ps. I post this to my every book so.. yup.. And I might delete this A/N at some point.

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