17 Believe

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POV 3rd person

As the years have passed the Kingdom of Arendelle has been growing and been wealthy. It was once ruled by Queen Elsa but then the throne passed to Queen Anna and King Kristoff. Years later King Kristoff is ruling Arendelle alone after his wife died. Without heir to throne he has been pushed into a corner. He knows that his only option lays in Prince Jackson, the only person in Frost family who hasn’t taken the responsibilities of a Guardian.

King Kristoff feels the age pressing on his shoulders, now is the time to ask straight. Will Jackson rule or not? He is also concerned about Southern Isles. The son of Hans, duke who carries the name Ruben is now rising in social status.

Duke Ruben is just few years younger than Jackson, and at the age of 50 he has his mind poisoned by his father. There are rumors that he was the one who has been slowly murdering his relatives from the shadows to get his place as the King of Southern Isles. The possibility of war is at hand and Kristoff himself is too old to defend Arendelle. Jackson may be almost 58 years old but Kristoff knows that he has the heart of a young man as well as body. With right choice they would have a new king of rightness.

The carriages are taking King Kristoff towards Jackson’s glass shop. This time he doesn’t have time to ask things from his parents beforehand. He has been told that he might not have that long to live anymore, he knows it even by himself. His heart has been beating unevenly and slowing down every day. He looks at the mirror on the inside of the carriage and a face of old man stares at him back. He smiles to his reflection, never did he know as an orphan boy who loved ice about the destiny he had.

Kristoff remembered with warmth the day when he met his fierce and big hearted wife. He remembered the days which he spent with his family. He was once an orphan but was adopted by trolls, then he had an own family. Hell, he even has some Guardians in his bloodline. Life has treated him well.

“We are here, your highness,” the carriage driver comes to open the door and Kristoff steps out. His legs are aching when he goes down the two stairs of the carriage. He looks around him, the streets are now empty at this time in the night. He straightens his back as much as he can when he limped to the “Frosty Glass Designs,” shop. He knocked the door and waited.

When the door opened he saw the image of his brother in law at the door. “Hello Jackson,” Kristoff smiled when he was staring at the son of Jack Frost, the Guardian of Fun and the Winter Spirit. “Hello uncle!” Jackson smirked and suggested Kristoff to follow him inside. Jackson always had a playful spark in his brown eyes and his hair was as messy as his fathers, even though he dressed neatly and wore shoes.

“What brought you here?” Jackson asked while he easily jumped up and sat on counter. His hair was covering his forehead when he leaned on his hand. With one single wave Jackson made the wind bring a chair to Kristoff to sit from his bedroom. “Thank you, Jackson,” Kristoff smiled and sat down.

After a moment of silence and Jackson’s wondering looks Kristoff finally spoke. “It is time Jackie. You have to choose if you will be the King or the Guardian,” Kristoff said. He didn’t try to say it more prettier than it is. He just needed to know. Jackson gulped and stared at the floor.

Kristoff waited but was soon disappointed when Jackson whispered, “I have tried. You better leave.” Kristoff stood up gracefully and didn’t say a word when he left. On the inside his heart was aching.

Jackson was feeling stunned after Kristoff left. He made an image of himself from ice and threw it on the wall. He hated himself. He hated everything he was and wasn’t.

The wind blasted Jackson’s shop door open and when he realized that he gritted his teeth and clenched his hands to fist. This time he will force the moon make him what he wants to be.

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