2 The Ice Crafter

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POV Jackson

I move my hands in the air and look at the ice block that is between them. Spinning around and slowly turning to a figure. ”Good job Jackie,” North pats my back and I glance at him smiling. I just did an ice swan from ice without tools. “Thanks uncle North!”

”I believe that you could do it that just by using your mind, ” He smiles at me and furrows his eyebrows. He makes me laugh nervously and I mess my hair. “You really think so?” He nods to my question.

He looks around him, “Where is your sister Jackie? She hasn’t come to her lessons lately.” I sigh since Emma has been giving us trouble. ”She has been on her room a lot lately. Teenager, you know!” North starts to laugh.

“Jackie! You’re just 16 yourself! She is 12!” I smirk to uncle North who is holding his belly while he laughs. “Who cares!” I laugh to him and froze the ground beneath him and he slips but won’ fall like I meant it. Actually I care, Emma has been acting weird and things aren’t so running so perfectly in our Frost family.

“I need to go,” I stand up and wave a goodbye to everyone at North’s workshop. The crispiness immediately hits my lungs when I go outside. In North Pole it is always winter and cold. Well, it is not that I wouldn’t like the cold but more of the fact that Sofia and my other friends live in Arendelle. I can’t see them that often, especially now when mum has been going crazy with my studies. I need to be like this and not like that. Gah!

The wind blows our front door open and closes it after me. I stuff my hands to my pockets and I glance up. Maybe I should go to see Emma? Slowly I walk upstairs and go to left wing. She lives there by herself. Soon the surrounding changes from frosted ice blue walls to almost greenhouse type. She has brought there plants, small trees and so on. Birds are chirping. She brings animals to our home and the environment in here is warm. She was so happy when I learned to do eternal ice in wider scale, of course I knew how to undone it but it takes effort to make.

So her wing is from eternal ice that only I can melt since it comes from my center. The same kind of mumbo jumbo what mum and dad always talk about. My mother’s center they say to be love and dad’s is fun. I guess they’re like that but I just don’t believe that my center could do or melt anything.

“OH GOD!” I yell and back up when a deer walks past me. “I hate those horned devils!” I gasp and hear a chirping laughter behind of me. Something wraps around my leg. “Got you!” I am hanging upside down in front of Emma. Her ice blue eyes are narrowed and her look is devious. “Let me go Emma. Now” I murmur to her and she shakes her head.

She dances around me. ”Big bro in trouble, his nerves about to crumble,” she is mocking me and I sigh. She smirks to me, “Oh Jackie, so serious always.” She waves her front finger in the air forming a single circle and I feel how the vines grab stops and I fall.  “That is what you get from sneaking around, dear brother!”

“I was not!” I yell to her and rub my aching head that I just hit in the floor. “Totally you were,” Emma pokes my shoulder. I smirk to her, “Having some secrets?” I jump up and use my wind to speed me up to her room that is few meters away in the end of the corridor.

“No!” Emma screams as I open the door to her bedroom. What I saw froze me. The windows were blocked with paper, no light came in. There were only candles that lighted the room just barely that I could see the drawings. She had been drawing the man in black. Pitch.

Books were everywhere and  I step in. “What on earth?” My gaze goes through the room and I see how she has been researching. There was a map with pins. “You’re trying to find out about his location?” I exhale and turn around. “WHY?” I yell to her and she seems furious.

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