His Duchess  [Completed] by shaerzam
His Duchess [Completed]by Shaz
Highest rank on romance hot list: #5. She is called The Ice Queen, due to her stoic non-readable features and her standoffish attitude. Angelica Taverron builds walls ar...
  • possesive
  • billionaire
  • duchess
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White Fire [Sample] by CharlayMarieWrites
White Fire [Sample]by Charlay Marie
She was told to fear him... She was told that his evil would devour her... She was told to stay far away... But what if they were all wrong? What if the Cold Prince coul...
  • original
  • fairytale
  • wattys16
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 Watching They Movies by JaydenGarcia051
Watching They Moviesby Jayden Garcia
I'm totally happy that I'm doing this, so the movies are: Mulan/Completed Pocahontas/ Starting The Hunchback of Notre Dame Frozen The princess and the frog Rise of...
  • princess
  • mulan
  • tarzan
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Juvia Picture Book by Levi_Girlfriend
Juvia Picture Bookby Feminist 101
Juvia Lockser is one of my favorite characters in Fairy Tail.
  • girlxgirl
  • gruvia
  • lyvia
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Random x teen/child/baby reader *REQUESTS CLOSED!!!!!* by BadwolfRed18
Random x teen/child/baby reader * BadwolfRed
All of my favorite fandoms based on the reader being a child or baby. I've always had a guilty pleasure for reading fandoms with the reader being a child or baby. They a...
  • fanfiction
  • sherlock
  • bbc
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Ice Cold (A Jelsa Fanfic) by LostAtSeaWithAPencil
Ice Cold (A Jelsa Fanfic)by Rachel Durden
When Elsa was young she had an imaginary friend named Jack Frost, until one day he disappeared without explanation. Then, three years later, he returned. Cover photo cr...
  • jackfrost
  • riseoftheguardians
  • jelsa
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My Girl is an Alien (Jelsa) Primo Awards 2018 by Potatowalker
My Girl is an Alien (Jelsa) Snowfall_Cutie_JELSA:3
[Soon to be under revision] (Primo awards 2018 participant and Sunflower awards 2018 participant) ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ What will happen if there is an alien invasion going to happ...
  • jelsa
  • elsa
  • frozen
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Tempest-A Jack Frost and Elsa Fanfiction by sydneyjohnson268
Tempest-A Jack Frost and Elsa Sydney W.
After defeating the fire giants years and years ago but losing his ice queen, Delani, in the process, Jack Frost is tormented by the memories, especially as the world ar...
  • fanfiction
  • iceking
  • jelsa
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She will be loved by Frozenheart10947
She will be lovedby Stay close to me
Elsa Arendelle is a depressing girl.She know everyone hates her and just use her.She thinks she worthless and wants to die.Her parents favorite Anna and act like Elsa no...
  • jelsa
  • anna
  • romantic
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The chosen one by Rovi-Chan
The chosen oneby Rovi
Jack found an interest in the poor girl in the orphanage. What he didn't know would soon blow his mind. He'd searched the whole world for a girl with a pendant, but find...
  • romance
  • jackfrostxreader
  • north
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Mission Impossible (Jelsa) by Dream_Disney
Mission Impossible (Jelsa)by Dream_Disney
Elsa White: She's been attending Golden Ridge High for about 2 years now. She enjoys chocolate, hanging out with friends, and going to parties- like most every other gir...
  • queenelsa
  • undercover
  • dreamworks
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Guardian of Freedom  by queenofnightmares12
Guardian of Freedom by Nightmares
A lot has happened since the guardians defeated the boogeyman, Pitch Black. Elsa has been chosen to become a guardian and Pitch comes back wanting revenge. But some th...
  • pitchblack
  • riseoftheguardians
  • fanfiction
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Unconditionally || Helsa by Cate_Westergard
Unconditionally || Helsaby Catherine Westergard
After several months have passed; a letter from the Southern Isles arrived in Arendelle for Elsa that immediately states her presence there. "When the Southern Isl...
  • frozen
  • comedy
  • hans
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Lion's Cage by Bloomin__Queen
Lion's Cageby Vesna K.
There is one person in our whole world which has a power. That person is our Prince. He can freeze time. He controls it. Plays it like he wants. And then there is me. A...
  • power
  • wattys2018
  • writteninaction
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Daddy Disney/DreamWorks by Lost156
Daddy Disney/DreamWorksby fℓυffу
requests open Disclaimer: Don't own any pictures, it belongs to their rightful owner
  • dreamworks
  • httyd
  • frozen
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Frozen (A Ninjago Fanfic)  by Itz_Alyssa105
Frozen (A Ninjago Fanfic) by Alyssa
Okay so I asked y'all about this idea, and a lot of you said yes! About this story, this is basically the Frozen story replaced with the Ninjago cast, (most requested) s...
  • cole
  • adventure
  • fanfiction
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Frozen- Enoch O'Connor by Huff_le_puff16
Frozen- Enoch O'Connorby Huff_le_puff16
Peculiar. What a funny word. There was something peculiar, about the word peculiar. There were also many other peculiar things in the world. Like Hattie Flanagan, she wa...
  • enoch
  • miss
  • oconnor
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The Cold and the Just | Edmund P. by winifredsmith
The Cold and the Just | Edmund Winifred Smith
[ EDMUND x READER ] You are Caspian's adopted sister - he doesn't know you are actually the daughter of Queen Jadis, and that you have very fabulous ice powers. When you...
  • princecaspian
  • peterpevensie
  • completed
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His slave by Frozenheart10947
His slaveby Stay close to me
Elsa's family is poor so her mom and dad sold her to a place where all the slaves go. Jack Frost is the youngest billionaire there is.He have a company and he owns some...
  • httyd
  • jelsa
  • slave
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Soul Seeker by sambalazs
Soul Seekerby Samantha Balazs
Ciara has one chance to save her sister from a fatal illness and achieve wealth and glory beyond her wildest dreams. The greatest hunt in the world is beginning. The le...
  • action
  • epicfantasy
  • winter
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