Hating the Bad Boys' name  by kiyah12xox
Hating the Bad Boys' name by KiyahChristine
Highest Ranking: #22 in TeenFiction (18/12/16) When Bree Tomas returns from a one year fashion trip in New York she expects everything to be back to normal. Little does...
  • family
  • badboy
  • fashion
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Sold To The Gangleader by Aliyamz
Sold To The Gangleaderby Alima❤
8 Years Ago "Mom.." I say with a small smile on my face. My sister had passed her first music lesson and we're all so proud of her. "What is it Layla!? ca...
  • humour
  • anger
  • rescued
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What I Couldn't Tell Him by wildwkdslipofagirl
What I Couldn't Tell Himby wildwkdslipofagirl
Jaimie Perron left her old life in an rush, desperate for change before its too late. A new school, new beginnings, or a new end in her case. Her life was easy; she is p...
  • badass
  • drama
  • romance
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Alpha Raven ✔ by SmashingInnocence
Alpha Raven ✔by Aria Hale ✌
Even though the room was dark, I could still the one person who made my heart skip a beat. He stood there, his hands tucked in his pockets, staring at me. So entran...
  • packs
  • romance
  • love
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Who am I texting? by Tattoo_Heart
Who am I texting?by MoonChild🌹
[COMPLETE] A story of a girl who had a massive crush on a heartthrob high school rock band leader Kyle Hogan. Her life turn upside down when she received a text from an...
  • humour
  • skylar
  • teenfiction
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My Possessive Alpha | completed by kinktress
My Possessive Alpha | completedby tiana
Alexis Lee finds her possessive Alpha mate, Dylan Zanders. Not only is he the Alpha, he happens to be popular and quite the ladies man. He has quite a few ladies surroun...
  • love
  • wattys2015
  • romance
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AT FIRST SIGHT by DaphneDubois
AT FIRST SIGHTby DaphneDubois
Taking your best friend's place on a blind date to let the guy down easy was the plan...taking him to bed wasn't.
  • online
  • romance
  • love
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Beside Him by sPoNgE_b0b
Beside Himby Taco
"You're so full of yourself, Archie." I said, rolling my eyes and pushing against his chest so that he would move atleast a little bit away. He smirked that da...
  • cute
  • friends
  • romance
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Caught In The Middle by SanC-Rylie
Caught In The Middleby San Clarke
This is the continuation of Book 1 Daddy's Little Assassin. So before you even proceed to read this book please read Book 1 first or else you'll be clueless as to what's...
  • action
  • dominic
  • revelations
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Possessive Alpha Kaden by tangleteaser
Possessive Alpha Kadenby Lauryn Smith
*A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY* Lola Lattimore is different to most wolves. She's faster, stronger, more powerful. She's dangerous. She has more power than all of the alphas...
  • wolf
  • possessive
  • rogue
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Trust You | ✓ by Blissful_Writer
Trust You | ✓by Bliss
Cloe Martin doesn't find any reason to make friends. Pretty much all her life, she was taught to rely on herself. Placing your trust in someone else isn't something she...
  • adventure
  • blissnovel
  • humour
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Rejecting His Special Mate by MysteryWriter61
Rejecting His Special Mateby MysteryWriter61
Highest Rank in Werewolf: 18 "I, Axel Stark, Alpha of the Ice Moon pack, reject you Nyx as my mate and luna," he said, looking me straight in the eyes. I just...
  • rejection
  • special
  • abuse
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Until Caleb by BlissfulFlame
Until Calebby bliss
Mates. Every wolf has one. Some do not want a mate and some do want a mate. At least, Lana Silver didn't want a mate. That was until Caleb.
  • luna
  • moon
  • italian
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Gang life by NJNJ14
Gang lifeby Queen N 👑🇬🇭
"You are mine! Do you understand?" He says. His soft lips are right up against my ear, his hands either side of my head and my back is up against the cold wal...
  • interracial
  • possesive
  • gangleader
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That One Kiss (#4 FFAW) | ✓ by cheryl-is-not-here
That One Kiss (#4 FFAW) | ✓by sheryl
#4 in Falling For A Womaniser Series *** On the night of her sixteenth birthday, Katerina Kolosov made the mistake of kissing her best friend's brother. Not that her bes...
  • stubborn
  • hot
  • hotheaded
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Hunter's Luna (Werewitch #1) by MiaMeade
Hunter's Luna (Werewitch #1)by Mia Meade
"Wattpad's first ever interactive story lets you decide what happens next!" ♥ Edited | Ranked #1 in furniture (they destroy it; regularly) ♥ Cocky Alpha Hunt...
  • paranormal
  • supernatural
  • interactivestory
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Moments  by SleepMindWriter
Moments by g e o r g i a
[Highest Rank #17 Teen Fiction 02/04/17 ] ++++ "My favourite moments are being with you."
  • goodgirl
  • fiction
  • badboy
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Just a one night stand by Devilsmom
Just a one night standby Pearl Mae
COMPLETED Cole Haynes is one of the most successful businessman in L.A. His job is very important to him and he tries really hard to separate business and personal life...
  • affair
  • hot
  • humour
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Correctly Misunderstood | ✓ by nonfictionsim
Correctly Misunderstood | ✓by simeon
[Completed + Edition Two] Seventeen-year-old Harper Elliot can't wait to get out of school. The idea of leaving the heartbroken past and discovering the world outside is...
  • highschool
  • drama
  • exciting
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Cupid's Arrow ✔ by yuktsakaria
Cupid's Arrow ✔by yuktsakaria
Meet Chloe Wilson, she's like any other girl, funny, nerd, sweet, keeping sarcasm as her middle name, but she has a secret that no one knows, but her best friend. Now me...
  • wattys2017
  • goodgirl
  • humour
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