20 Other Guardians

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POV Elsa

Morning was looking beautiful today. However I felt like needing more sleep so I turned to my other side so the light from the window wouldn’t hit me. Then something was slowly patting my head. After I opened my eyes I turned myself so I could see straight up. Jack was floating in the air and having his usual grin. He was poking me with his staff.

“Rise and shine!” He was laughing and I sighed and pulled the pillow over my face. “Hey, come on! Today we are going to see the other guardians. I’m really excited.” My eyes went wide when I realized that I totally forgot this.

I must pretend that I totally remembered this. Keep myself cool and chilled. “YEEES, the guardians. Right, would you let me get dressed?” I grapped the G-end from his staff and pulled him down with it. His look was surprised and even more surprised when I pushed him away from me.

“Give me some room and I will be ready as soon as possible. “ I rose up and went to mirror. I was looking my reflection in the mirror and thinking of possible dresses for this occasion. Of course I would do my dress myself from ice.

Suddenly Jack was standing next to me. He was looking quite happy and confident for some reason. I glanced at his face from the reflection in the mirror. Then he started talking. “Oh, I see why you didn’t want me to sleep with you for while. You already have a sweet little tummy.” He came behind me, his left hand was holding the staff and then his right hand wrapped around me. His chin was leaning on my shoulder and I didn’t know have to react. I mean either being insulted or take it as a compliment, my face was turning red.

“I love you Elsa.” He whispered when his right hand touched my belly and he kissed my neck. Even though I cant feel the cold his touch gave me shiver’s. “I love you too Jack.”

“Let me dress you this time.” I saw a dress from ice appearing on me. It was a familiar looking one and then I remembered that this was the first ice dress I used. “Sorry but I wanted to try to do a dress. I also like this on you!”

He was smiling and I looked at our reflection. This dress made my pregnancy show even more than my nightgown. “Don’t worry. You’re beautiful and the babybelly suits you.” It was like he was reading my thoughts and giving me courage.

“Stop flattering me!” I turned around to face him. I’ve never seen him acting like this, normally he would be teasing me with these kind of comments. Now it felt like he was really meaning what he had just said and his adoring face caused me to feel a bit embarrassed. “M-maybe we should get going. The other guardians are already waiting us? Right?”

He nodded and said that I should take a hold from him. His right hand was still on my waist and he glanced me with a smile. Then he broke a snow globe and told it that we’re going to North Pole. We stepped through the portal and the trip made me feeling little ill.

POV Jack

“Ok, we are here!” I laughed and then I looked at Elsa. She seemed to feel sick so I quickly took her into my arms. “Are you all right?” I was feeling really worried and stupid because I didn’t remember that the snow globe traveling method is a bit fast.

“Don’t worry. I will be all right soon.” Her smile made me feel a bit better. We were looking at the huge world globe with small lights right now. “Wow, that is beautiful. What is it?” She was staring at the globe.

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