3 The Hate

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POV Emma

I feel so terrible after what happened to Jackie. He just hurt my feelings and I overreacted, I am not obsessed about Pitch. I am just curious, nothing more. Mum did our castle again, this time there is one wing less. Jackie hasn’t returned home still and it has been a week now. He hasn’t visited us, spoken to me. He hates me, my brother hates me.

But it isn’t like he does know how to control his powers all the time! He exploded the whole castle as a grand finale! Unfortunately he is the only one who can create the ice that can withstand the heat I create. I can’t have plants in this coldness but if I warm the environment the result is a floating room.

Maybe I should tell him that I am sorry? Maybe Jackie will come back then? I sneak outside castle, actually I am still grounded but mum and dad won’t notice if I move quietly. The moon is shining bright tonight as I walk in the crispy winter’s night. Being barefooted would be a bad idea if you’re a simple human but my powers keep me warm.

Soon I reach North’s workshop and I try to be extra quiet or the elves might give out my location to everyone. They are too noisy with their bells when they get excited. Silly creatures.

I accidentally crash with a yeti but my good negotiation skills got me out of trouble. Gladly the side where Jackie would be wasn’t that high and I was tall enough to peek inside of the windows. I saw Jackie in the room where we used to stay before mum did our first ice castle in here. I knock the window and see how Jackie startles.

I knock again and I see his head turning, it makes me smile that I can see my brother again. However something is wrong, there are black circles around his eyes and he is not looking happy when he sees me. He walks to the window seeming annoyed and as he pulls the window open I fell to the ground, on my butt in snow.

“H-hi Jackie,” I whisper and he just hums. “What are you doing here? He stares at me. “To say I am sorry? REALLY sorry?” I almost cried since I feel so bad about what happened and even more bad when I see the small scars that he has on his neck. The scars which the spikes did when the vine was strangling him.

He smiled faintly and offered his hand, ”Jump inside sis.” He nodded towards the inside of the bedroom. I took his hand and he pulled me inside. Immediately I hugged him. ”I..I am so sorry Jackie. I might have killed you!” I cried to his shirt and felt how he petted my back.

“Ssshh.. Don’t be sad! I am alright and not mad at you,” he whispered to me. “Just promise to me that you stay away from Pitch,” he said calmly and I nodded. However it was a promise I knew that I cannot keep.

Now I was looking at the room closer. “What happened to the red and gold?” I managed to ask between my sobs. He laughs, ”well I wanted to make it look more like me!” Indeed he has done that since the heavy and rich red colored fabrics have changed into ice blue ones that are light looking. Even the furniture is more silver looking that before when it was mainly gold and dark wood.

“So, you’re not coming home?” I couldn’t hide the disappointment from my voice. “No I am not, this is my home now,” he smiled to me faintly and I sighed. His hand was now messing my hair, ”No Jackie!” I gasped and he laughed. He used to do this to me a lot.

”Don’t worry sis! I will come to make you a wing with eternal ice when Jack and Elsa are not at home,” he went back to his table. He just called mum and dad with their first names. Does he really hate them that much? ”I am not ready Emma, I can’t face them.” I startled when Jackie responded to the feelings that dwelled inside of me.

I went to his table and saw him drawing some sketches. “What are you doing?” I whispered and tried not to annoy him. ”Planning new ice sculptures but it is past your bed time. Right?” I gasped when he realized how late it was. He lifted me up and laughed, ”I will come to tuck you in like old days. Alright?” I smiled to Jackie as he flew outside. He doesn’t let me fly with him that often, flying would be a cool power.

“Sssh..” He whispered when he flew me inside of my window. “I will leave right after this,” he said when he covered me with a blanket. “Can I come to see you sometimes?” I asked shyly and he nodded. ”Sure you can sis, even though my parents make my cold blood boil you’re someone who I can’t hate, “ he pinched my cheek. “Ouch!” He chuckled to my reaction.

”Wait!” I whispered loudly after him before he left. “A hug? I miss you Jackie,” I sobbed and he came to me to give me a hug. He glanced my room, “No plants?” I shook my head, ”Daddy and mommy don’t know how to make the eternal ice.”

He was laughing, “You should have told me!” He closed his eyes and my room was glowing in blue. “You can do it with your mind!” I squealed as the ice’s surface was shiny as a mirror after his work. “Been practising a lot during last week,” he smiled faintly. That explains the black rings around his eyes. “Take it easy Jackie,” I said with worried voice when he left from the window.

POV Jack

Right to left, left to right. Slowing down, going faster and stopping. Repeating the steps. I am watching Elsa pacing around in our bedroom, mumbling to herself. “My fault! MY fault!” Is all that she is speaking off.

”Calm down sweetie,” I pleaded from her. Instead of calm she stared at me with panic in her eyes. “They’re my children Jack! Mine! Oh,” she sighed. ”What is wrong with that?”

”They got their troubles from me! The strength is too much, they will experience the misery!” She exhaled and I stared at her in misbelieve. She really believes that? ”Come here!” I spread my arms and immediately Elsa came to me, snuggling her head in my hoodie.

I pet her back and kiss her forehead. “We will figure this out,” actually I am a bit lost when it comes to dealing with teenagers. “Were we too busy?” Elsa’s voice cracks. In the matter of fact we might have been, Pitch had been causing trouble in the world and children needed their fun and caring. We had to leave our kids often, Jackie practically raised her sister and took care of her. “No,” I lie to Elsa and she smiles to me faintly. My heart is shattering.

Elsa’s blue eyes are wet from tears as she starts to watch me keenly. “Jack?” She sounds desperate. ”Yeah?” I whisper. ”Could you speak with Jackie? Maybe get to some sort of solution?” I nod to her even though I have no idea what I am supposed to do. “Now?”

I sigh and let go of her, ”Sure.” I open the balcony doors and look at North’s workshop. There Jackie will be, I jumped to the air and flew fast. Then I bumped onto something in the darkness. ”Hey!” we yell in unison. The clouds move aside and the moon’s light is now showing a figure in front of me. We both are sitting in the snow. ”Jackie?”

Jackie groans angrily and stands up, wiping the snow from his clothes. “You should watch where you’re going, Jack.” He doesn’t call me dad anymore, now I am truly hurt. ”Umm.. Jackie? We need to talk?”

He watches me with disgust, “Sure, talk.” With a deep breath I started, ”Your mum and I are sorry. We didn’t realize that we neglected you a lot,” he is just staring at me with his angry look. “Uh.. Anyway I am happy that you were there for your sister,” I glance at him and see that he is half turned away from me. “We love you both Jackie,” I try to reach him with my words. His shoulders drop and he sighs deeply, “I know.”

Maybe he is warming up? “I know that you love us and you’ve been busy. However I can be mad at you, feel this way!” He yells to me. “I won’t come back to the castle, I will live with uncle North now.” He looks at me and his chin is shivering as he speaks. This isn’t easy for him. “I will visit you when I am ready for it,” he whispers and I nod an approval. I smile since the hope for getting things worked out has returned, he went back to North’s place.

“How was it?” Elsa asks me when I return to our bedroom. “There is hope but he needs time and he promised to visit us when he is ready,” I said and Elsa sighed in relief. This night she might actually be able to sleep first time after what happened with Jackie and Emma.

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