3 Let it Glow

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POV Elsa

The cries are back in the night. The crying of children that are afraid.

“Don’t you dare!” I shouted as I shot a nightmare horse with my ice powers. It tried to sneak inside one child’s window. I’m breathing heavily, the horses are back. Perhaps they’re not the only think that’s back?

I raise my hand in the air and a staircase starts to twirl towards the window. I climb up and go inside the child’s bedroom. She’s in peaceful sleep. I turn around and watch around me, in the darkness are the glowing eyes of the nightmare creatures. However Sandy’s golden dream sand is lighting up the sky which kind of relieves me.

“Sandy!” I called as I go down the stairs. It vanished behind me and then I see Sandy riding towards me with one dream sand dolphin. He shows a big question mark above his head.

“Do you feel their presence?” I whispered and I see Sandy narrowing his eyebrows. Quickly he turns around to look towards the shadows. Suddenly nightmare horses and other beings made from black sand ran outside. Sandy uses his dream sand whip and turns them back to dream sand. I see shock in his eyes as he looks at me.

“So you think the same as I do?” I said and crossed my hands. Sandy had angry expression.

“Pitch is back,” I whispered and Sandy nodded his head, signaling me quickly.

“Yes, yes I know. We need to go back at the North Pole to organize a meeting. You go and tell to Toothiana. I’m going to visit the Easter Island. But first I’m going to find Jack,” I said.

Sandy flew towards Toothiana’s palace.

I need to find Jack and where could he be at May? Well, I’ve heard that Alaska has still some snow left.

The snowglobe which I broke took me to Alaska. I see bits of snow there and there in the surrounding area. However there’s spring coming already. I sighed, I needed to find Jack quickly.

The best way to get my husband’s attention would be creating some snow in here. It’s something that attracts him.

Without further thinking I stomped my foot on the ground which was immediately freezing. I let out a cold breeze that started to whirl around me. It started to snow and soon the ground was being covered with white soft powder snow.

Suddenly I heard laughter and I glance up. Jack is sitting on a branch and grinning to me. “Whoa, I thought that it’s supposed to be spring. What are you doing?” He chuckled as he let himself hang from the tree upside down.

“Jack, I needed to find you quickly,” I said. Jack jumped down.

“Why?” He asked and walks to me. The ground is freezing under his feet.

“Sandy and I are gathering everyone at Pole. We’re having an emergency. Pitch is back,” I whispered and Jack’s eyes widened.

“You’re absolutely sure?” He gulped and I nodded my head.

“I wish that I wasn’t but it’s how things are. I’m going to get Bunny but could you get Jackie and Belle from Arendelle? They’re Guardians as well,” I smiled to Jack faintly and he gently stroked my cheek.

“Yeah, I will. See you in few moments,” he said and started running. I heard him shouting to the wind, to take him to Arendelle. I see how he jumps in the air and flies through sky.

I sighed and turn around, slowly I melt down the snow around me and then I used another snowglobe to get to Bunny’s place. Just before I stepped into portal I saw the Northern lights coming to sky. Sandy has probably gotten himself and Tooth to North Pole already.

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