13 Feelings

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POV Elsa

After the visit with the trolls my head was spinning. A baby to us? How could it be.

It took over a week for me to do my thinking. I didn’t even know if Jack liked kids, oh well he liked kids but did he want an own child?  What if I somehow hurt the baby during pregnancy or child birth. So many questions rushed inside of me.

Every day Jack came to me and tried to cheer me up. Not even a snowman would make me come out of this lake of thoughts. He looked sad when I said that I had paperwork and couldn’t come outside with him. I put Jack sleep in a different room than mine. I didn’t want him to notice the possible signs from me before I speak to him.

POV Jack

“Elsa, my flawless snowflake. Please come with me, lets do something fun!” I begged from the light of my life. As always she rejected.

He smirked. “Come to eat waffles, I will ask the chef if he could make melted chocolate on top of them!” This should work she loved chocolate and breakfast and me.

I saw her putting hand before her mouth. “I’m sorry Jack. I feel sick, I will eat late” Again, she has felt sick for some time now.

“ Didn’t the trolls help you last week for that” I lift her face from her chin. Now her eyes look into mine.

“Uhm.. Yes.. They said it would be over soon. Something to do with moon movement” I looked at her suspecting.

I put the staff behind my neck. “ Then you wouldn’t mind if I go to North Pole for few days? “ I smiled. “ Some guardian stuff, you see and you are so busy working” I winked at her.

I was feeling little hurt her rejecting me. I hope that she isn’t coming to second thoughts about me or have someone else on mind. Maybe she just IS busy and she needs me out of the way for while. I could also prepare my little surprise for her more as a secret.

She came to me and hugged me. “ Sorry Jack but maybe that is a good idea. I love you” I kissed Else on her sweet lips and went flying of the window.

POV Elsa

Oh Jack. I’m sorry that I treat you this way but I need to think some method to tell you or ask you about kids. I mean, I can’t be so selfish that I will tie him up to one place because it is his child. He has millions of children to take care of.

I sighed and watched the way he went flying. Few days and he is back. I noticed that I had placed a hand on top of my tummy I look the sight from nearby mirror.

“No, no.. It doesn’t show yet. It is too soon.. Oh, no .. I hope I didn’t do anything to him”. Wait, HIM? I mean it could also be a girl but… I watched my mirror image for a while and then I noticed Anna standing in the doorway.

She had a big grin. “Elsa, ELSA! I will be an auntie, yes! So nice!” She hugged me carefully.

“How did Jack took it” Anna asked me.

 I blushed .. “ Well, uhm.. he doesn’t know. I don’t know if he wants kids of his own.. I mean he has the world full of kids” Anna hugged me more and looked my face smiling.

“ Just tell him when he is back.. Now I know why you went to see the trolls” she winked at me and I rolled my eyes smiling.

I guess the baby is a good thing for me and Jack will help me control my power so I wouldn’t hurt our baby. Oh, so if Jack wants to raise it with me.

Next few days passed in a blur. Anna is sometimes so excited about things and baby stuff made her crazy. It was hard for me to not to shop things for our baby. Jack needs to know first. I hope he is back soon.

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