32 It's a Date!

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Chapter is dedicated to  sadie051702 who's comment I draw from the hat.

She wanted: North Pole, Ice castle and Fast (Elsa does something fast in ice castle). Few others wanted same things. Thank you for your comments and now you will see the result of your comments!


POV Jack

After I woke up this morning I forgot myself to watch Elsa sleeping. A single strand of her hair was covering her face. She had been sleeping a while now. We guardians don’t need that much sleep so I guess this has something to do with her having a child before becoming a guardian.

“Jack.. You shouldn’t stare at people.” I startled when Elsa suddenly spoke. “Uh,sorry.. I think that I will never get tired from looking at you! You’re just..” My sentence was interrupted when Jackson started to cry. Quickly Elsa stood up and nurtured our child.

She was holding our son when I braced her from behind. “You know that today your sister promised to take Jackson for the weekend.” I kissed her cheek. “Well yeah but will it be ok to leave him for two nights Jack?”

“He will be fine with your sister. I promise.” My hand patted Jackson head and he fell asleep.

Soon the doors opened and Anna rushed in. “You should really get going! More time for yourselves and more auntie time for me!” Elsa gave Jackson to Anna who was eagerly waiting to get him into her arms that were wide open

We watched as Anna left the room speaking weird language to our baby. It was some baby talk if I got it right. Elsa and I glanced in each other and we started laughing.

Seeing Elsa laughing meant lot to me. I don’t want to brag but I guess that being around with guardian of fun does that to people. Even though I first had met her because I needed her help didn’t save me for falling in love with her. Well, to be precise that was the way she was meant to save me. Perhaps we were meant for each other.

Elsa started to giggle and hugged me. “Jack, are you daydreaming? You seemed to be deep in your thoughts while you stared at me.” Her laughter made our bodies vibrate together and my hands wrapped around her waist. “Don’t say that you’ll give a penny from my thoughts?”

POV Elsa

Jack started to laugh and had a teasing look. “I will give you a snow wash, that is certain!” Sometimes I really hate the fact that he can move really fast with the help of wind. Now he was already too far away because if I would throw snow at him at this point it would possibly go all over the place. He is too good at dodging. “You can’t catch me!” He pointed out.

Then I had an idea. “We are not going anywhere Jack! You’re just a prankster, a winter spirit that never takes things seriously!” Quickly I turned around and crossed my hands in front of me. This trick of being angry at him would work for certain. The way his face turned from huge satisfaction to more worried type in just few seconds when I was turning around made me certain of it.

 Soon I heard the wind howling next to my ear. I closed my eyes but I still could hear his foot touching the floor when he flew in front of me. “Elsa, please! I’m so sorry, it was just a simple joke. Not meant to harm you!” When I opened my eyes I saw Jack and he was looking almost pathetic to me. “Ok, Jack. I will forgive you this time. “Before I had finished my sentence he was already holding me bridal style.

He was chuckling when he saw my amazement. “So where would Mrs. Frost want to go for our weekend escape?” His eyes were sparkling and soon I was blushing even though I’ve known him for quite some time.

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