2 The Nightmares Are Back

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POV Jack

Even though Pitch is gone the nightmares are slowly coming back. Elsa is getting more and more stressed each night. She’s afraid that Pitch is finding his way to come back to the world.

The Guardians have been alert lately, we’re keeping our eye on the earth globe to see how the children are doing. We cannot let our guard down, if we do, well then we wouldn’t be ready.

It’s hard to see Elsa so tense. This means that I should probably interfere. She’s in her study room, researching stuff about how Pitch might return if he will return. I sneaked behind of Elsa and placed my hands over her eyes.

She got tense and I grinned. “Guess who,” I said with altering my voice.

“Oh Pablo, is it you! Quickly before my husband comes back,” Elsa chirped and my hands drop down.

“Who the heck is Pablo?” I roared.

Elsa started to laugh and she stood up. When she turned around I saw her eyes sparkling. “This is what you get with messing around Frost,” she whispered and grabbed onto my hoodie’s collar.

“So.. there’s no Pablo?” I murmured as she placed her hands on my waist and swayed us from side to side. My cheeks blushed when she made her middle and front finger to walk on my chest, slowly going up. Her fingers trailed from my neck to my lips which she gently brushed.

“Nope.. there’s just one Frost in my heart,” Elsa chuckled and leaned forward to kiss me. I dodged the kiss and hummed.

“What now?” Elsa laughed.

“I’m still worried about that Pablo,” I mumbled and pouted.

“You need more proof than a kiss that I’m only interested in you?” Elsa smirked and raised her eyebrow.

“Yeah,” I sighed.

I gasped when Elsa stomped her foot on the floor. Something was being created behind of me.

“Please tell me that you’re not planning to add another room to our ice castle,” I gulped when I remembered the crazy amount of rooms to clean in this gigantic building.

“Just one more—,” Elsa whispered to my ear and her hand pressed against my chest. I look down and asked that one more what.

“One more BED!” She laughed and pushed me backwards. Air escaped from my lungs when I landed on the new ice bed that she created. My cheeks flushed when she climbed on top of me.

“Whoa,” I managed to exclaim.

Elsa smiled slyly and kissed me. My hands rubbed her back and she started to kiss my neck.

I laughed when she started to tickle me all of a sudden. I begged her to stop and when she didn’t, I grabbed her and rolled myself on top of her. We both were panting and chuckling while looking at each other.

“I love you Elsie,” I grinned and then I shut her up by kissing her.

POV Belle

“Calm yourself Belle, you’re the Guardian of Courage. You have nothing to be afraid of. Just go and have a serious chit chat with him. Pitch is dead, Marco is weird. There’s nothing more into it and I’m just fine, I’m not going to be a full body flame,” I kept on telling myself as I paced around in the woods.

It has been a week now since I left from Marco’s castle. Last night I visited Emma and told her what happened. I heard from her that mother is really worried since the nightmares are now back. The children are crying in their sleep which worries my mother a lot.

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