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I pull up in the driveway of the massive two-storey mansion, my heart suddenly missing the old feeling of my home. The home where I made memories with Clementine but also Georgia. I didn't miss those memories or her, so now I'm persuaded that the penthouse in the hills is better. It is. I fu.cked my girl good there.

"Earth to Harry..." Clementine's small hands wave around my face. "Yes Kitten?" I turn my attention to her. "I said bye, but you like travelled into a whole different universe." I chuckle before she places a sweet kiss on my cheek. The contact of her soft lips on cheek ignites the matches in my body, making me want more. "I think you need adult supervision in such a big house." I lick my lips and look down at my watch. Plenty of time.

"I'm sixteen, I think I'm capable of myself." She smiles, completely missing my point. "I don't think so sweetheart. I need to watch you until Wilson comes home. He's a great business man and I don't want his daughter getting into any trouble." I tease watching her shift in the seat. An action which I now know indicates that something's happening down there. Something good.

"Fine, loser." She opens the door, running out into the large French ones.

I turn the engine off before walking outside, locking the Audi on the way. I wipe the sole of my shoe on the outdoor carpet that reads WELCOME. I laugh knowing she probably added this to the exterior of the house.

Upon entering the mansion I become star-stuck with its size and amazing design. The man himself probably designed this. And I agree with that thought once I see the elevator.

The rich man worries me. He can give everything to Clementine. She can have anything she pleases, she can have the whole world, in fact. How can I possibly spoil her when she has the money herself?

My thoughts are once again interrupted by the angel herself. "Hurry up Harry, I'm not waiting in this elevator any longer. I stride to the elevator, watching her small finger press on the button. Before I can even lay a finger on her, the elevator dings taking us to the second floor of the mansion.

I simply follow behind the small girl. So this is how Michelle feels? She suddenly stops in front of a white door with a gold door knob. The gold door knob reminding me of my special room in the previous house I lived in. The room I never got the chance to show her. I still have the contents of the room but in a luggage at the back of my walk in closet. Maybe it's a sign that I need to start pursuing my dominance but my Kitten doesn't even call me Daddy anymore.

"Harry!" I hear Clementine yell making me run into the extremely pink room. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" I frantically look for her, though I find her leaning on another door frame in her room. "Your mind is honestly all over the place. How hard are you working?" She laughs before entering the other room. I lean on the door frame watching her walk and look around the huge and almost empty walk in wardrobe. "Very hard. I think I need a reward for it, hm." I smirk. "Hmm." She simply responds, too caught up in her wardrobe.

I stand there for literally 30 minutes before her head turns to me, "Some privacy please?" "When I meant I needed to watch over you, I meant at all times, baby girl."

"But I need to change clothes." She rolls her brown eyes before walking towards me. "Privacy, please?" She stops once her socked feet touches my black shoes.

"Not like I haven't seen it all." I smirk and before her lips can say another word, I collide them with mine. I can tell she's taken by surprise, though her once frozen lips kiss me back. It was the same but different from the one in the car.

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