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I slam my door shut before opening my window. A knock interrupts me, "Clementine, sweetie." I hear Svana's voice. "S-sorry. I don't feel well right now. Can I please have some space?" I ask looking towards the locked door. "O-okay, sorry about that sweetie. We're here when you're ready to talk." I find comfort in her voice before sliding down the pipes and running to Harry's house. Making sure no one noticed, I vigorously knock on his doors before waiting. I feel my hands shake and my legs tremble as sweat oozes down my temple. I need to be in his arms, I need his safety.

"D-Daddy." I whimper, quickly engulfing him in a hug. I hug my arms around him so tight he gasps for air. His gentle hands rub my back before I hear the door shut. "What happened Kitten?" He asks and I look up at him. "T-that boy I told y-you about, D-Daddy, did you hurt him?" Water blurs my eyes waiting for his reply. "N-Yes. Yes, why?" His features sink and eyes darken. "H-he threatened to get me kicked out and s-said he'd k-kill me. I-I told you not to do anything about it! This could have been avoided!" I cry gripping his Rolling Stones t-shirt.

"I couldn't just sit there and watch you cry. No can one hurt you. No one hurts my Princess." I feel my worries fly away as I slightly smile looking up at him. "C'mere. Let me fix you up." He holds me with my legs on either side of his torso, and arms around his neck. He carries me upstairs before bringing me to his bathroom. Running the water before walking out and back in with a two pairs of joggers, t-shirts, his boxers and familiar pink panties. I stand confused on why he has pink panties, my panties?

"Before you say anything, I found these on the shower floor a few weeks or months ago. Remember?" "Oh" I laugh remembering the morning I was late for school. He turns the tap off before I kick my shoes and socks off. He approaches me before holding the ends of my turtle neck shirt. "Covering my love bites, huh?" He smirks. "Arms up." He lifts my shirt over my head licking his lips staring directly at my chest. "Is this fixing me up?" I giggle looking at his green orbs glisten.

Soon we're both naked in the bath with lavender candles lit around the quite room. I sit between his thighs, feeling his c.ock near me, tempting me but I focus on the peacefulness of the moment. Trying to figure out what I'll do to fix the problem at school. "Daddy, let's go." I feel his large hands move my wet hair to the side of my neck. I breathe heavily though he orders me to stand up. Breaking my urge of hor.nyness. "Whatever you say, Princess."

I stand up and he gets out of the tub. I try my best not to look down onto his hard co.ck but I couldn't resist. My eyes quickly travel down from his toes to his massive c.ock. Licking my lips before I walk away to get a towel as if I wasn't dripping wet. Not just from the bath. We dry ourselves before putting clothes on and making our way to his king size bed. "You're such a naughty girl." He whispers placing me onto his lap.

I lean in closer to his lips, my clothed area grinding against his making him moan"Oh Kitten." A smirk creeps upon my lips and soon our hips were grinding together in rhythmic movements, leaving his lips between his teeth. He removes my shirt only to leave more love bites on my neck. His large hands travel down my waist and to my hips, grasping as we grind slowly.

But his movement stops making me confused. "I wanna try something." He lifts me off his lap to remove my joggers. We're both left in our undergarments before he places me back on his lap. I sit on his crotch instantly feeling myself moisten, wild thoughts run through my head. My teenage hormones going crazy. He licks his bottom lip "Grind on me Kitten."

I tightly grip onto his broad muscles, grinding forwards and backwards on his hard clothed co.ck. A moan escapes his lips before gripping my thighs, taking control of the slow electrifying movements. "Ah-keep going, mhm. Just like that, fu.ck."

I feel him harden as my juices seep through my panties. Dripping onto his now wet boxers. He pulls me to sit on his lower stomach before taking his throbbing cock out. Making the butterflies in my stomach go wild.

"I want you to ride my c.ock now, Kitten." He smirks moving my panties to the side. My knees sink on the bed as he positions his co.ck in one hand and grips me in the other. His length so big that his tip is already touching my core."B-but, I don't know how." I look away keeping my hands on his broad shoulders. "It's just like before but even better. I'll guide you, Princess." I stutter an okay before breathing in. I sit down feeling his whole big co.ck fill me up and stretch my walls. "O-oh f-ff.uck D-daddy" I wince, still not use to the feeling of his big di.ck in me. I don't think I ever will get used to it.

"Oh, G-god." I shut my eyes, gripping his muscle shoulders as he grasps my hips. "Jump up and down, Kitten. Ride Daddy like the good girl you are." His words make my core ooze with juices before I jump up and down.

Each time I my sat back down, his di.ck hit the right spot, driving me so crazy. "D-daddy." I moan my voice shaking as I bounce. "C'mon Princess, fuc.k Daddy's cock." I throw my head back, grinding my hips. "Such a good girl." He moans, gripping my waist and thrusting up as I ride his co.ck. "AH!" I scream as he goes faster, taking more control, somethign he always does and likes doing.

"You like Daddy's co.ck wrecking your little pussy, huhm?" His dirty words has my core flowing juices out like Niagara Falls. "Y-yes Daddy, so b-big. Hmh" My voice hiccups with each thrust. He quickly pulls out before releasing onto me, "Oh, baby." He has his head thrown back as I release all over his lap feeling blissfulness take over ever cell in my body. "Lets get you washed up again." He smirks.

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AJHAHAH i had to add ;3

So much drama coming up so here's a SMUTUTUTUTU... and I think this book is finishing soon...

I'm not sure about a sequel but I might just finish it in one go and write the other book.

- Elea <3

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